My 1st client I had to let go...

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Poncho25, Aug 8, 2006.

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    Well I had this one client who drove me nuts, I was never allowed to go to his house before 10am, and never on Monday or Tuesdays...well, I am still growing, and the subdivision that he is in, I had to move all the clients that I was doing on Thrusday to Tuesday to just try to consolidate my drive time...well when... let me back up. this guy also wanted all his hedges done, 3 which were over 7 feet, he has a very very small lawn but alot of smaller hedges, at first because of the amount of lawns I have in that area, I underquoted him at 120.00 a month, he was one of my 1st bids i ever did, and well just had to suck it up. now... back to the start, I was done with the early routes and ended up at his house at about 9am, started his lawn and he came out and yelled :) said that he was sleeping and he told me not to come to his house till after 10...well I was far in the mood to let someone speak to me the way he did, so I told him that last weeks cut wsa on the house and for him to find another company, I packed up my stuff leaving a half cut lawn, he asked if i was going to finish it, I said if you pay me for last weeks cut and today I will...he refused so I smiled and waved good bye...:walking:

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    I agree with droping a PITA client-- not sure if 1/2 cut lawn is the way to leave.
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