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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by iakentdoz, May 21, 2006.

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    Waiting to see how well the Newspaper advertising will work for me. Both ads will run the week before my Home Towns "Funs Days" that includes a parade that I'll be in.

    Most of my work so far has come either from my business cards or web site or word of mouth. I also have a radio ad on a local AM station. Listen to Radio Ad. It only runs 4 times dunning the day and about the same at night. The thing with print and or Radio Ads is, to not give up right away. I hope that by getting my name out there and over time people will learn about my business and want to give me a call.

    Thanks, Kent

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    Nice ad's however you really need to spell check your web site. Doesn't look good with all of those errors!

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    Your radio ad is missing a "w" in your web address. Both times you mention the URL, you say - that gives you a page not found error. You might want to think about fixing that. Also, if you are looking for leads, you should consider saying either the URL or phone number a minimum of 3 times. It takes that repetition to get people to remember what they are being told. Especially with that cumbersome URL.
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    how did they work?

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