My advice if you are going to purchase your first 21 inch mower.

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by kennymo81, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. kennymo81

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    I just traded the last of my small equipment today for another full size walk behind. A little sad because in the deal was the mower that took me to the next level. My Honda 21 inch mower model HRX217VKA. Best mower that I have ever had, performance wise and cut quality wise. Although I now have a new 48 Bobcat and a 32 Snapper Pro, I plan on going out tomorrow and buying another HRX as my trim mower. If you are just starting out, buy this mower! You will not regret it. If you like to mulch, this will mulch grass that has no business being mulched. Don't waste your money on a $1200 21. I bought an Ex mark Commercial 30 and it couldn't outperform the HRX. Buy two of the HRX models instead.
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  2. Utah Lawn Care

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    The bets advice I can give when buying a 21 inch mower is to buy a 30 inch mower. The Exmark commercial 30 has been pretty amazing. I would hate to go back to a 21.
  3. baileylawnservice

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    I heard the 30" toro sucks. Transmissions? Mulching ability ?
  4. kennymo81

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    The Ex mark 30 sucks. Worst waste of money I ever spent. You build this amazing machine and plop a wimpy engine on it so it can't live up to expectations. You can't mulch anything. The only thing its good for is bagging.
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  5. Holland

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  6. Eric's Lawnservice

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    I am in the market to replace my ol Toro 21"er. I have decided on the HRX also. It seems to be the best bang for the buck. Especially when you compare reviews.
  7. Exact Rototilling

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    Seems people either love or hate the Toro/Exmark 30.

    With that said it would NOT surprise me if the consumer level TimeMaster 30 does have more torque and HP than the Kawi powered commercial. There are a few posters who have run and own both. I wish they would chime in....
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  8. kemco

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    I run 3 of the Honda 21" HRCs, best mowers I have ever used for the size. But these are right at $1200 each.
  9. RonWin

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    I purchased the $2,000 toro 30 commercial and havent had any problems with it cut wise or performance wise. ALWAYS starts up every first pull and is ready to roll through tall grass. It must have a mulch plug in it because the bagger is on it but no grass has ever hit the bag. Dont know, havent looked but im sire thats the case, lol. Havent had any reason to bad mouth the mower. From what ive seen people trash talk the exmark but honestly its the same mower essentially... idk, maybe I just got a good 30 toro.
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  10. sildoc

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    There is a love hate relationship for the 30. For one it is a Niche mower just as the bravo 25 and exmark 26 are. People that bought the 30 and expected them to cut time where the 36", 48" or 52" would fit are usually the ones I find bashing the mower. These mowers (exmark 30 and turfmaster) are for small 2-8k properties where the LCO has control of fert and H2O.
    If your mowing acreage then this mower isn't for you but if you have lawns that grow less than 2" per week then this mower will increase your profits above and beyond the 21 ever will.

    Be a hater and bash me but you first must know your lawns and clientele before you bash a mower.

    True EXMARK AND TORO if your LISTENING please put a better transmission on it and maybe a little a more hp.

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