My After Shool Plans, Firefighters Please Help!

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by EagleGrounds, Mar 1, 2009.

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    Ok, I will be finishing high school sooner than i think.

    I am trying to figure out what i would like to do after school, up until a few weeks ago i was set on joining the air force, but i realized that if i did that i would need to quit mowing.

    So i think i might follow in my uncles steps and become a fireman.

    What are the steps in doing this (college then firefighting training? just training?)

    And would you recommend this? My possible plans are to become a fireman and do grounds maintenance

    If i went to college what do you major if you would like to fire fight?

    If i did goto college, would it be wise to minor in horticulture?

    I have so many after school ideas and just need some help getting them straightened out!

  2. Runner

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    There actually are programs you could do for firefighting. You could go into the fire sciences, if you perhaps are interested in doing something like arson investigation. Other specialties include different types of fires (chemical/hazardous materials, etc.), and in addition to this, you can also be educated in inspection, prevention, and many other areas. Most firefighters though as we know them..are general firefighters, and this is a great thing that is not to be underestimated. Being a firefighter is a HUGE responsibility. It is no games..lives are on the line every second your on. While we take additional courses, attend forums and conferences, and do special training exercises for new and changing conditions, and new equipment and technology, much of what goes on is standard exercise. Now, can also look into your EMT, First Responder, and Paramedic training.
    However, your case, for what you are wanting to do right now, and the direction you are wanting to take, in my opinion, I would advise you to take courses in business. These would be the most beneficial to you to set up your business, get all your books in order, and maintain it. I wish you the best of luck in whatever direction you choose to pursue, and it sure sounds as if you're heading in a positive direction.
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    Thanks so much for not joining the Air Force. While joining the service is an admirable thing to do, making a choice between the Air Force and grass cutting gives pause to the merits of those choices. If there was any doubt about the choice, setting aside the Air Force choice was a good thing to do. Taking responsibility for military actions, especially flying an aircraft, has a much greater significance than following a lawn mower.

    I applaud your consideration of being a fire fighter. I appreciate the dedication of these men and women to do their job, putting personal safety aside so often for the benefit of others.
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    My suggestion to you as a career firefighter and LCO:

    You are graduating from high school when the unemployment rate is at historical lows. This is going to make getting a job AND keeping it extremely difficult. Young adults entering the job market now are going to have to look hard and long for good paying jobs. Hopefully this will create a new strand of harder working individuals that had to be the best at what they do because of the times.

    My suggestion to you is go to school. Put four or six years into a degree, which will buy you some time while the economy picks back up. Eastern Kentucky University, which is where I went to school, is an excellent place to start. They have several degree programs in Fire Science and one of the few that you can receive a doctorate in firefighting. EKU also has programs where you can work at a campus firehall while in school. Or you can work for the local LCO and learn the business. You then can minor in business, which will later help you build a Lawn care operation later. I received in-state tuition being from Tennessee because my state did not offer a BS in fire science. I am not sure if Ohio does or not, but definitely worth looking into, just give the Fire Science department at EKU a call to find out. If your parents can't afford it take a loan out and pay it back after you graduate, this is what I did. The payments are low and interest is deffered.

    Fire Departments across the nation are closing doors and cutting shifts so someone coming into the profession needs to set him or herself apart. Some departments in fact are requiring that recruits have a degree in the profession. Don't be afraid to leave home go to school and work for a department 600 miles away, it will be apart of your lifes experiences and you cannot put a price on that.

    Start looking at who is hiring, go to forums there is an employment section in there. My department has been lucky, we are still hiring due to a large auto manufacture moving in, and as a matter of fact we are going to start an academy this spring with 30 new recruits.

    The fire service has been good to my family, and me and I have been successful with in it, this is due in part to my knowledge and training I received prior to being hired while at EKU.

    Set your goals, achieve them and don't let anyone tell you that you are crazy for going to school for the fire service or lawn care.

    I have followed some of these rules to help me:

    1) Always work harder than the person standing next to you.
    2) Take pride in whatever you are doing.
    3) Know your job better than anyone, including your boss or Chief.
    4) Be humble. You may know your job better, but don’t brag about it.
    5) Listen. You can not learn anything if you are talking.

    Sorry about the long post, too much coffee this morning. If you need or want to talk you can PM me for my number, I will help you any way I can.

    Will Commins
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    My 15 yo son has the same interest. I have told him to get his 2yr degree in Fire Sciences, then go get his EMT or more preferrably his Paramedic license.

    As for the lawn business, cut with me in the summers and dont cut at all when you are going through a city's fire academy. He can pick it back up once hes on the job.

    I like to see young guys with an interest in the business. It is a fun job that has been a blessing to my family. Good luck in your efforts.

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