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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Wheeler, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. Wheeler

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    from Florida
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    I have a 5x8 open trailer that I purchased this week, I actually just started the business this week and im very excited. My question is, can anyone please send a pic or tell me how to put a sign on the back gate of the trailer? I have searched the forums till my eyes hurt. I want the best looking, most apeeling way.
  2. Kennedy Landscaping

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    I would say strong zip ties, or bolts with washers so they don't pull through the mesh. Then you can paint the bolts whatever color you wanted to match your sign, likewise with the ties if you go that route. If you can get some strong zip ties thats the way I would do it.
  3. 93Chevy

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    Is it a metal sign?

    If so, the above method of bolts/washers/nuts, in my opinion would be the best option.

    I however, don't have a sign on the back of my trailer, so take my advice with a grain of salt.
  4. BeSeenGraphics

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    Do you already have the lettering for the sign? If not, I would be glad to help you with this.

    Use Aluminum and bolt it up.
  5. mowerbrad

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    Use bolts and just drill through the sign and push the bolts through the mesh on the gate.

    I wouldn't use zip ties as those do have a tendency to break, especially if they will be used to hold up a sign on a trailer.
  6. clipperslawnservice

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    unless you have a tiny sign, you will need spacers because of the angle iron thats there for reinforcement for the gate.i used small pieces of pvc, and ran the bolts through these.

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