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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Victor, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Victor

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    Look's good, and the par 5 name is catchy but alot of us ex super's went into lawn care to forget about the quickly failing golf course industry, otherwise looks good.
  3. Victor

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    Thanks for the good words there Geek. I get asked about the golf course thing a lot. Some people have asked if all I do is treat golf courses. I want to ask those people if they think Wal-Mart sells walls. :)

    I've been showing the layout you saw to a lot of people and at first was convinced I was going to change the font the phrase "LAWN FERTILIZATION" is written in to a more conventional font. After getting more feedback, I'm starting to consider sticking with it, because while some people don't like that crazy, gothic font, it will make people look. There's no such thing as bad attention when it comes to advertising. Besides, half the people that have looked at it like that font for various reasons.

    Oh well. At least I have time to decide what to do.
  4. garydale

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    IMO it doesn't look professional.
    Get some graphics help if your going to stay in the business.
  5. Victor

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    A graphics specialist designed it. :laugh:

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