my area starting curbside waste pickup. (ANYONE FROM VALDOSTA PLEASE READ)

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    my county is closing all the dumps and the landfill to the public starting february 1st. They are going to start curbside waste pickup. There is no more information than that, that i can find.

    My question is, how does this work? For example, leaf clean ups; do I have to bag them and set them by the curb? Or just dump them by the curb on the street? It just sounds like a PITA to me, because I am going to have to change my methods of clean ups.

    What about large limbs or whole trees? I do a substantial amount of tree removals.

    What about gravel or chunks of concrete? I demolished someones little sidewalk from the curb to the front door with a sledgehammer and a jackhammer, so that grass would grow there, like they wanted. What if i have to do something like that again? Do i just pile the chunks of concrete and pebbles and gravel on the street? I mean wtf.

    This whole thing has got me frustrated, mostly because I dont like change. I also dont have my own dump site.

    If anyone here reads this and is from lowndes county, ga, please help me shed some light on this situation. If we can get together, we can go to the next commissioner's meeting and express our concerns.

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  2. Your upset about this? I'd be ecstatic. We have had this down here for ages. Every town and city is different though on what you can leave and how much. All I know is, not having to haul away vegetation with me every day and go to the landfill to dump it is great.
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    Most of this should be posted in the counties standards for this, such as tree limbs must be cut to 3 to 6 ft in length, seperated from leaf deris, and in our area concrete and asphalt are not exceptable materials and should be taken to either a seperate dumping site for recycle or to a road construction company to be reused materials in roadways. Hell up here road pavers are more to take your roof shingles as so much of a percentage of asphalt laid must be recycled.
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    pick up the phone and call your commisioner and ask.
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    forgot to add, up here they will have dates for which district, usually the voting district, for picking up these materials, or if you call them to ask to pick up a cut up tree and/or limbs.
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    yeah I'd be ecstatic if they did this in my neck of the woods.

    right now the only time the city comes around to pick up anything is in the fall twice during the season to pick up leaves.

    anything, any other time of the year you either haul off to the compost site yourself or put it in recyclable lawn bags for the garbage guys to pick up.

    in the spring and fall I make daily trips to the compost site at $4 a load for a commercial guy like myself.

    I'd love to be able to dump at the curb.

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