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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by JD2320, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. JD2320

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    What do you use the tractor for?
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  3. JD2320

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    Aerating. I have a Ryan 48" aerator that goes on it. Might pick up a slit seeder for it sometime if work requires it. I may also mount a carry all and carry a 100 gallon sprayer on it for commercial tree work.
  4. grassman177

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    i will caution you to put a 100 gal tank on that little tractor. we have a onehundred tan k for the same purpose, but it is on a way bigger tractor and it is close to pushing it, def makes the front end light! ours is pto pump.

    nice set up though, i take it you dont mow? also, is that a self storage? is that where you keep your machines? curious, i have seen it done before where one does not want to store things at the house, or does not want commercial ground themselves
  5. grassmasterswilson

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    i'm getting a red x.. i could see it earlier but not now???

    JD--- i see you have a z spray max and based on the hopper a jr. Can you tell a big difference in operating the 2 machines? I have a jr and i'm weighing my options to add an auxillary 18 gallon tank in place of the hopper or just getting a max. Looking to increase my liquid capacity, but also need agitation.
  6. rcreech

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    I am not aware of a GOOD slice seeder for that size of tractor
    If u know of one let me know
    I have a 48" Land Pride on my B3030 and it too much for it
    That is why I am get n another Deere

    U put a slice seeder on that ride and it will look like a space shuttle ready to take off
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  7. JD2320

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    No that is my place. I just have a lot of doors on my shop. :laugh: Of course its a storage place. Heavily secured and patrolled, and locked.

    I have 250 lbs of counter weight that goes on the front of the machine and the 3PT is rated to lift 1440lbs, 1150 @ 24" I can always add some more counter weight in front for a heavy load but I hear ya.

    I would have gotten a 3 series but they are a little big and would screw me out of using them on some areas because of their size.
  8. JD2320

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    Just get a Junior with at least one 7 gallon aux tank like I have. You'll be fine. I am sure they could even add a second auxiliary tank making your capacity 32 gallons. It's also possible to run 1/4 ounce nozzles to extend your square footage. If you do granular you're going to want that spreader on there.
  9. JD2320

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    Yeah I am a little concerned about that. I don't have one now and may never have one. I'd have to find something that would work and check specs on weights. It's only really to do new construction if anyone ever swings a hammer again around here. I would like to have one for renovations which is really my specialty though. Do you know of one that's on the lighter side of life? I have counterweights too and could modify it to run a lot more. Maybe you could too. Like another set of weights in front of the current weights.
  10. JD2320

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    Creech you must have an OS1548. They weigh in at 1300 lbs dry. That's definitely the seeder of choice.

    They have lighter weight versions that are ground driven or electric motor driven like the APS 1548 but yours is great for over seeding existing soil and looks like what I think of when I think 3pt over seeder.

    Last time I even ran a big over seeder like that was with a big ford tractor and I think it was a Jacobsen 72 inch.

    I'll have to look into it more. Right now it's not even on the table, but I want to know what I want and what I can lift if it ever is needed.

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