My B & B Technologies Nightmare!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Victor, Feb 21, 2009.

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    Last Spring, I decided to buy a rack that would let me carry my push spreader on the front of my van (Ford E350). Since B & B Technologies was the only company that I knew of that offered a rack that required no lifting, I gave them a call. When I called them, I spoke to a guy named Bill, who I was told ran the place. I told him that I wanted to buy one of his push spreader racks and mount it on the front of my 1-ton van, but that I needed to know how much one would cost with shipping. He gave me the price of the rack in that conversation, but said he'd have to find out what shipping would cost and call me back. Bill didn't call me back. When he didn't call me back, I figured I'd be better off looking at other options. After finding no good options to go with, I went through all last year without any type of spreader rack.

    Fast forward to this year. I decided to give B & B Technologies another try. I sent B & B Tech (Bill) an email requesting a quote for having one shipped to my door. When 10 days had gone by and I still hadn't gotten a response from Bill, or anyone else there for that matter, I decided to pick up the phone again. When I called, a guy named Ron answered. I asked him if Bill was available and he said no. Ron asked if there was something he could help me with and I told him yes. I told him that I wanted to buy a spreader rack from them, but needed to know how much it would cost to have one shipped to my door. He told me that the rack would cost me $285 and the mount to attach it to my van would cost $50. He said he didn't know how much shipping would be, but he could give me their zip, as well as the dimensions and weight of the box the items would be shipped in. That way, I could find out how much shipping would be myself. I said "no problem."

    A couple of days after I spoke to Ron, Bill finally decided to honor me with a response to my email. Mind you, at this point, it had almost been two weeks since I sent him the email!! In his short and to the point email, he gave me a price quote that added up to $30 more than the price quote Ron had given me just days before. I called them back and got a hold of Bill. I told him about how Ron had given me a quote that was $30 lower than his quote. I also told him that I was prepared to buy one from him right away if he would honor the quote Ron gave me. He said he would honor Ron's price, so I gave him my debit card and shipping address. He also told me in that conversation that my rack would ship out the next day.

    Since B & B Tech is in Nebraska, I had a pretty good idea as to how long shipping should take to get it to me here in Ohio. Well... a week went by and the rack still hadn't shown up, so I gave B & B a call to see what they could tell me. When I called, Ron answered the phone. I told Ron who I was and then asked when my rack had shipped, because I hadn't gotten it yet. He then goes on to tell me that they hadn't even shipped it yet, because they didn't have the mount for my van. My reply was that they could have at least called me to let me know that they weren't going to be able to ship it when they told me they would. Any other business that's run in a half-way decent manner would have at least called me to let me know what was going on! He told me that I'd have to talk to Bill about it and that he'd have Bill call me early the next day.

    Late, the next day when I still hadn't received a call from Bill, I called them. That's when Bill went on to explain how there was no good place on a van like mine to attach a mount to. I told him about the front hitches that are sold for 1-ton Ford vans like mine and that there obviously must be a place to mount to under the front of my van if I could buy a front hitch for the thing. I told him that the horns on the frame rails are in plain sight and easy to get to on my van. He said he could ship a mount to me, but I'd have to weld it to the frame of my van to get it to work. I told him to go ahead and send the rack and mount and that I'd see what needed to be done when they got here.

    Not to be fooled again, I told Bill twice in that conversation before we hung up, that I wanted him to let me know what the tracking number was when he shipped it, so I could plan on being home to receive it. Bill told me that he would call me and let me know what the tracking number was when it shipped.

    Surprise, surprise. About 3 days later, I came home at lunch time and this huge box was on my front porch. Bill had shipped the damn thing and never called me to let me know what the tracking number was. I'm surprised Fed Ex left it, because they normally require a signature. The box must have been too heavy to drag back to the truck. :laugh:

    When I saw that box on my front porch, a big wave of relief came over me, because I THOUGHT there was nothing else they could screw up at that point. I was also elated, because I knew I'd never have to deal with that company ever again in my life. After bolting the mount/receiver tube to the frame rail, I slid the rack into the receiver tube. When I went to latch the ramps in the up (transport) position, I noticed that the F****** latching chain had been welded on the wrong side of the F****** RACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :angry: I attached pics to show how the chain is welded on the wrong side. A snap-link like you use on a dog chain is supposed to connect the chain to that loop that's welded to the wheel pocket. That's what's supposed to keep the ramps in the up (transport) position.

    Now I have to take the stupid thing to a welder and pay to have him fix B & B's screw up!!!! If you haven't figured it out already, I'll never do business with B & B Technologies ever again! EVER!!!! I've never done business with any company that approaches the level of incompetence I've seen in them!! I've seen lemonade stands that are run better than that place!!!!!!!

    B & B Spreader Rack.jpg

    B & B Spreader Rack2.jpg

    B & B Spreader Rack3.jpg
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    Wow they must have guys buying them by the dozens and didnt want to be bothered with your single rack.
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    That's too bad. Bob might be on to something there, since PG is using B&B racks for their own. Maybe they're overbooked? I will say that my PG rack broke last year. I called and explained my plight and they had me go to a local welder, fix it, and they reimbursed me. I had a good experience, but that was a year ago, too.
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    Hey buddy -- long time no hear from. You got screwed for sure. Have you checked out ? They offer a caddy for less money, and their 288 spreaders are top notch.

    IMO the unit they sent you looks very heavy & bulky.....coulda had a better one built for less locally. :confused:
  5. Victor

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    There's no reason Bill could give that would justify his incompetence. Like I said, I'm just glad that I don't need to deal with him, or his company ever again.

    Hey Larry. I hope all has been well with you. There are 2 problems with the Spyker idea. The first problem is the fact that I don't use a Spyker spreader. I'm more than happy with my Anderson SR2000 and will be sticking with it. The second problem is that Spyker's caddy is designed to fit over a tailgate. I have a van Buddy. :laugh: Thanks for trying to help though. :)

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