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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jim163, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. jim163

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    Seems like customers like to lie to me. I had a midget customer earlier in the summer who didnt like paying her bill on time...and shes LOADED im talkin millions from a settlement. When I stopped service a couple months back she calls and says where have you been here and I say well I didnt receive payment. She says I just sent it. Three days later P.O. Box is empty. So the next week she calls after I dont come again and says where are you. I tell her I never got payment from you and she comes back with I never got your invoice. I've got 2 customers like this. I dont even want to waste time sueing I just want to burn their houses down. Kidding- but I just stop showing up I dont care if its unprofessional. So is neglecting your bills. Just had to vent.
  2. Charles

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    You don't show up to cut the grass. You show up to demand your money. Then a payment in cash(in advance) for the next cut. Paid while you are there and cut while you are there. Then don't come back lol
  3. tthomass

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    my way of handling contracts would be at the signing of the contract 2 months service is due in full........the current and the following..........each month is paid in full in advance and a month prior notice is needed to cancel the contract
  4. WildWest

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    ahhh, the ole "it's in the mail" ploy!! She confirms that she lied, when she says she hasn't been "invoiced yet".

    Screw me over once, shame on you... screw me over twice, shame on me!
    One chance, and then prepayment forEVER for that customer.
  5. WJW Lawn

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    If I had a nickle for everytime Ive heard "Its in the mail" I'd never have to drop the gate again! ERRRRRRRRRR
  6. Tharrell

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    Ha ha ha ha
    Her grass ought to be pretty high by now. Go over there and cut a nasty word in it! Ha ha ha ha
    You'll get more enjoyment out of that than burning the place down!
    Maybe she's afraid the grass will get taller than her and she can't find her way out! Ha ha ha h ah aaaaaaaaaaaaaachoooooooooo! I feel better now.
  7. Dunn's

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    Or how about a nickle everytime you hear I just need a few cuts, Because my mower is in the shop. I swear it never gets old. Oh wait I mean it was old the first time I heard it and ancient the next three hundred thousand times.
  8. nfarr

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    Last year I did not hear that one time, granted it was my first year and only had 12 weeklys. This year I have 65 weeklys and have heard it a lot. I decided to visit several homes for deliquent accounts the hour before the OSU game started this past Saturday. Amazing how many people were home. I collected every account where someone was home, some $600.00

    One account owes me $300.00 I had cut her one acre property when it was overgrown and two weeklys before I stopped. She let me know that she did not intend to include me in her bankrupcty. I told her I appreciated it, how much could she pay this week, response $0.00
  9. Liquidfast

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    The prob is this. Many on here feel that if we discontinue service for non-payment, they will simply find someone else to do the work and we are SOL.

    So, many on here continue to cut in hopes they will get paid. Granted, the majority of customers are good and will pay however, it is for this very reason that 95% of my customers are on a pre-paid (post-dated checks) service only. The other 5% are commercial accounts and they refuse to give post-dated as many here will attest.

    When I sign up a new customer, lets say its on the 20th of the month, I expect two payments for the month and four for the next month. I even give many of my customers the two free weeks that we encounter with the months with five.

    If a customer will not agree to give post-dated payments, they are welcome to shop around and go with someone else.
  10. Ed Ryder

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    It's strange... I never really have collection problems. I intended to bill monthly, but I actually billed for 10 cuts with the first invoice in June. I just didnt have time to get invoices out earlier. Three out of like 57 didn't pay. One of them was a new customer with a $50 lawn. Well, a month later I invoiced everybody again. At 2 different times that new customer assured me the check was coming. And it didn't arrive. So then I was miffed. The house had also been sold (was listed at $1.25 million) and they were moving in late September. Anyway, I skipped their lawn one week, then the following week knocked on their door and asked to be paid. No problem. I got a check, with profuse apologies. I was just going to dump them, but the apology was so sincere I decided to continue their service. They also are now paying me after each cut.

    I'm fairly easy going about waiting for the checks to come in. Half are sent to me within a week of invoicing, the other half trickles in over the next 3 weeks. Some may be a little late, but everybody pays. I haven't been burned in years and years.

    When I have to knock on somebody's door to get paid, that's bad. It rarely gets to that point with my customers.

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