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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by motivated1, May 20, 2001.

  1. motivated1

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    I used to try to keep cometetive with those 21" snappers. Piece of junk! bought 3 brand new ones in one year worked great for that year. By the second they were wearin' down. I steamed to my local dealer and bought 3 new Toro 21" since every one else was using them.
    They have by far lasted the best with the 2stroke motor. The suck as far as bagging. They hardly ever bogg when mulching. Trimmers: I prefer Echo I've used 2400srm for 5years run them 3-4 days a week no problems. blowers: Stihl I'have one going on it's 4th year yep it's on it's last leg but, i'll run it till it dies. Hedge trimmers: Echo are good but, vibrate alot, Stihl: HS 75 are heavy and wear me out. With stihl i kept loosing the screws in the bar assemly after loosing 5or 6 we put echo screws in it no problems now. Walk behinds: Gravely hmmm it was very slow a pro 40", then I bought a used Scag 32" w/velkey great machine excet it would wear your hands out. Snapper: hydro 36" I love it nop problems! great machine. I'm thinkin of buying a Dixon rider with the cone drive system. Anyone had bad experience with a Dixon?
  2. Eric ELM

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    The Dixon with the cone drive system is for home owners. I had one that I used as a back up machine years ago. They are hard to keep adjusted and probably won't hold up to every day use. Hydro ZTR's are the best.
  3. TLS

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    Every piece of equipment that you listed would be considered a "homeowners quality" unit except for the SCAG and maybe the Stihl hedge trimmers. The Toro's can go both ways, depending on the model, and Gravely's are marginal with their antiquated view on modernization. Not to ragg to much, but COMMERCIAL quality is more than skin deep and is more than just the name tag on a mower. 4 years isn't long for a blowers life. Don't quite know what you were getting at with your post?
  4. David Gretzmier

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    I'd have to disagree on several points. I've seen 2400 echos in the hands of ALOT of commercial users. I would love to get 4 good years out of a backpack blower or a trimmer. I've run echo's stihls, shindaiwas,john deeres, and all of them are great the first year, good the 2nd and ok the third, and backup status at best in there 4th. most"commercial" weed trimmers and hedge trimmers are the same on thier lifespan as well. Everybody has a 2cycle piece that is 6 years old blah blah. it will not start and run like a new one. we run multiple crews and they all grab the new stuff first because it runs and starts. Nobody likes to pull pull pull on the 3 year old unit. the toro PROLINE 2 cycle with the suzuki engine is like a TANK. I firmly belive it could eat the tires off any "commercial" 21" mower except maybe a honda commercial. I have seen them beat to death and keep running. the positrac system cannot be beat for traction. Dave g
  5. lawnboy82

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    dave is right about those honda commercial mowers. i have one that i bought about 5 or 6 years ago. i have never had a single problem with it. only maintenance i ever do is change the oil, air filter, and sharpen blades. i have dropped that machine off of rock walls while it was running and it was fine. the wall was a good 3 feet tall. i have used it to cut tall grass. and if you do it right there is no problem. those things are real tanks. they really are. but you also have to pay for it. i paid 1,100. for a 21" walk behind. it has 2 speeds, gear driven. stainless steel deck, 5.5 hp honda engine, what else? i dont know. but it is really a great machine.
  6. Mowingman

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    Welcome aboard. I'm mowing grass over here in Denton. I use the Echo 2400 trimmer and think they are great machines for the money. I also have a couple of Stihl trimmers, but they don't get used much as all my helpers prefer the Echos. If my helpers load the trailers, they won't even load up any of the Stihls. I can get about 4 troublefree years out of the Echo trommers.
  7. HOMER

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    Just bought another Stihl trimmer today. $279.00 + tax. Cheaper than what I paid 4 years ago when I bought the last one. I have Echo hedge trimmers(like em') and a 30lb Echo back buckler, woops, backpack blower, it has served me well but when it dies it won't be replaced with another! The only true homeowner piece of equipment I have is a 21" Snapper, when it goes it won't be replaced either. Luckily I don't do much pushing so it isn't a real problem.

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