My Bobcat didn't disappoint

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Twitchy, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. Twitchy

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    I spent 17hrs in my s250 plowing a major snowstorm that long island received yesterday and last night. In Suffolk we got 20'' of snow with major 3'-5' drifts. My skid performed perfectly. I ran that thing full throttle all night except to fuel up. Two things though, i'll never buy a foot controlled skid again, my knees are killing me. And i feel two inches shorter from being cramped in the cab for that many hours.

    These are pics from a big storage facility that we plow. Check out the drifts by the doors, these weren't even the biggest. There's no room for any more snow, so the next storm has to be trucked out. We're expecting another snow event at the end of the week.

    Blizzard Dec 09' 001 1.jpg

    Blizzard Dec 09' 003 2.jpg

    Blizzard Dec 09' 004 3.jpg

    Blizzard Dec 09' 006 4.jpg

    Blizzard Dec 09' 007 5.jpg
  2. Twitchy

    Twitchy LawnSite Senior Member
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  3. mrsops

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    Looking good twitchy.. Do you have a bigger snow bucket? And did you get the beacon from bobcat? I need to put them on my machines..

    I must say my bobcats went all day and night the last 2 days plowing and moving snow. They held up real good.
  4. Twitchy

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    No, just an 80'' bucket (which bobcat gave to me by accident) Today i was looking into 8ft snow pushers online. Kage innovations has a really nice pusher and plow combo. The only problem with that amount of snow being push, sometimes you don't have the traction. Last night's snow had a little ice underneath. I think my father got the beacons for an auto part store, bobcat would rob you for something like that.
  5. mrsops

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    big snow buckets are awesome whens theres alot of snow.. But nothing beats a plow when its a few inches
  6. Twitchy

    Twitchy LawnSite Senior Member
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  7. mudmaker

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    Wish we had that much here!!! At least they are calling for a few inches tomorrow night.

    I often wondered how running foot controls that long was. I guess at least your feet are moving so maybe they stay warm.
  8. Scaping 4 Life

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    I don't mind foot controls until stuff gets underneath them. Good to hear you like bobcat's machines.
  9. bobcat_ron

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    Got to go with pilot controls, you will never go back after that.
  10. AEL

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    How many hours on the 250? looks good.

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