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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Gator610, Jul 3, 2005.

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    I have a 2000 Scag Turf Tiger. Three weeks ago, the belt that runs the hydro pump's broke. Because my dealer is not open on Saturday I got a replacement belt from N.A.P.A., manufactured by Gates. I installed it and it was working well for about three week and it broke. My question is; will a belt that I would buy from an auto part dealer be the correct type to work in the mowing environment? Or do I need to get the factory replacement belt for reliability? Or could I be having a bigger problem with my hydro pumps?
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    How long had the OEM belt been on your unit ?
    OEM'S experiment with different wound belts to determine which type will be the most reliabile. NAPA or Gates belts are what is called a wrapped belt and will not in most cases last as long as a cut edge belt. I'm not familiar with your unit to know what type belt goes on it but if it was a cut edge you should install the same for reliability.
    I have found that going from a cut belt to a wrapped on Dixie Choppers just doesn't work very well either.
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    Yes a belt from NAPA is fine BUT you need to tell them that it is going on a lawn-mower so they can give you an Agricultural belt instead of an automotive one. Ag belts have reinforced threads and are a lot stronger because automotive belts as a rule, once on - always on, where with ag belts they are designed to be engaged and disengaged (which auto belts do NOT do) and thus ag belts put up with a LOT more abuse.

    Napa is a lot cheaper than the dealer - My transmission belt is 20 bucks from the dealer, 12 bucks from Napa but again - It is an ag. belt. The way I learned is the same way I just outlined: I put an automotive belt on the mower the first time because I failed to inform them it was going on a mower, and it broke within 30 days, hehehe...

    If you DID get an ag belt and it broke, then I dunno...
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    The OEM belt was on for 5 years and I should have replaced it earlier during spring inspection. I really prefer using OEM replacement parts, I believe they have been engineered for the application. I used the Gates belt out of desperation. Thanks for your information.
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    As you found out,In a bind they work fine for a while,But you can't beat a OEM belt.

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