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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Ocean Side, Mar 4, 2006.

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    Input is greatly appreciated. I am looking to get into lawn care part-time, on my days off from my full time firefighter position. I have worked for other landscapers and groundskeepers through college and with my schedule it makes it very hard to schedule a part time job, so I am thinking about going it alone. My thoughts are to start out small. W/ My truck, a 36" commercial mower, a commercial backpack blower, and trimmer. Numerous hand tools a good attitude, and good customer service. We all know that attitude and how you do your job and treat your customers will make or break you. I thought that I would expand to a trailer over time. Start with lawn care, mulch, stone, edging and general lawn maintenence and small landscaping projects that I can handle on my own to keep my overhead low and to increase the amount of jobs that I can complete and complete well to get word of mouth out. I guess what I am asking is this a good starting point, what I have, my attitude, insurance and a good work ethic,oh also competitive pricing so not to bring the market down, 1$ a minute or what the market can handle right, no lower than 30-35$ if I want a future in the line of work, I want to make some money and not bring the market down. Any info and any thoughts on business plans would be appreciated!
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    Bwade, sounds like a good start to me. A nice magnatic sign on the side of your truck, combined with good work will do wonders for your customer base. I would suggest that you sharpen a pencil and really determine your costs before you decide what to charge. Even going part time, you want to make enough to cover all your costs including: cost of equipment, depreciation - so you can buy new when the old wears out, advertising, insurance, taxes, labor, maintenance, etc. It won't do you any good to price the same as the next LCO if it doesn't cover your costs. Good luck.

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