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    I am 17 years old currently a senior in high school and have been doing lawn care/property maintenence for 5 years. I started out w/ a push mower walking around the neighborhood mowing lawns for 15 dollars. That year I had 7 weekly lawns. I did good work and by word of mouth alone I over doubled that the next year- mostly small, residential lawns. I continued to grow and buy more and better equipment and finally last year I got my drivers license and bought a used dodge 1500 4.7 (2002 w/ only 50000 miles) and a 6x12 trailer. I had 23 accounts last year and this year I have 29 lined up so far ranging from $30-$90 apiece. I officially started my business 2 years ago- Burlington County Property Maintenance. My equipment consists of a 36" snapper pro hydro(all I need for my area)
    2- 21" toros
    1 stihl trimmer
    1 husqvarna trimmer(backup)
    1 stihl stick edger
    1 stihl backpack blower

    I also alot of house cleanouts on houses that have been forclosed on by the bank that people leave all thier s*** in when they leave
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