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    My name is Jonathon and i own a property maintenance and landscape company in the mid atlantic region. I started when i was ten years old. I mowed my grandmother's house and it took off from there. I was first using my dads Yard Man rider when i started my business and a homelite curved shaft trimmer. I moved up to a Snapper 61" front mount i bought from my grandfather when i was 14 for 2k. Then when i turned sixteen i pulled my mower on my grandfathers 6x10 trailer to maintain my lawns. By the age of 17 i bought a dodge ram 1500 4x4 short bed and a 16' tandem axel utility trailer and started doing a lot more maintenance work for my exisiting clients. At this point i was running somewhere i n the neighborhood of 20 accounts but they were full service so it kept me busy. For the next two years i grew to about 30 accounts and i was lovin it. Then all of the sudden i was sitting close two 40 accounts and i was growing steady so in the fall of 04 i purchased a bunch of new equipment and was looking forward to hitting the ground running the following spring. I hit the ground running hard and went from 40 to almost sixty accounts good mix of residential and commercial when the enevitable hit... I was going to a property to do a take off and was involved in a serious accident. The elderly woman coasted out in front of me in the intersection i tried to stop but hit here on the driver side. Minimal damage to my truck or so i thought.... i tried to help her but thats best left up to the emergency crews. I was accused of speeding by the state trooper on the scene and because i told him i was not speeding he had crime scene investigation come out and reconstruct the entire accident. The posted speed limit for the road was 35mph. Two hours later still sitting on the side of the road the cop comes up to me and says that i was being accused of speeding at the rate of 50mph on the road at the time of the accident and after they ran all their tests they found that i was only doing a speed of approximately 37mph. Not enough to convict me of speeding. So i asked how the lady was and they could give me no information. The following morning i show up to my dads work and over here some people talking about the accident and they said it s a shame that lady died. My stomach flipped!!! My dad was gonna call me to tell me but i beat him to it. That was the worst day of my life. After all this her insurance company screwed around for one month before my truck could even see a shop for repairs. By the time my truck was in the shop mowing had already started and i had know way to pull any trailers to get to my sights. After my truck was finished i had lost over 40 clients due to not being able to get there.:cry: I had gotten my truck back about the begining to middle of may but by that time many of my clients found other lawn guys who were cutting their grass for dirt. Since then i have been trying to re build and get back on my feet. I'm working on it . i will get back to that some day. Thanks for reading!:weightlifter:

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    Dude, welcome to Lawnsite. I'm very sorry to hear about your accident and about losing some of your work. Just keep working hard and you'll get it all back. You seem like a very hard worker and I'm sure that you'll do just fine.
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    Thanks for welcoming me to the site, i was begining to wonder if out of all the people who looked at my thread if anyone was going to say anything. Sounds like your running a pretty impressive outfit. Thank you again for writing. I'm in the process of redoing all my trucks and trailers but when i get them done ill post some pics. Thanks again. Jonathon

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    No problem, man. Don't feel bad that you didn't get a lot of responses. A lot of people just kind of read and don't post much. I think of myself as the welcoming committee. lol I look forward to seeing your pics.
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    Yeah i kinda figured a lot of people just read and don't respond. where are you located DLAWNS? I'm about ten minutes west of Dover Del by the MD line. I'm getting calls for this season so we will see how things go.

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    I'm in the Toms River area. I don't know if you're familiar with Seaside Heights. It's pretty close to that.
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    tough story there dude.

    hang in there and keep working, you'll be alright ;)
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    Man, that was definatly a Bad day. Sounds like you had it goin on so it should come back fast. Good Luck & Welcome!!!!!!!!!
    DLawns will keep you on the straight and narrow round here:)
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    I think things will get back to the way they were i'm just at this point trying to stick with the residential side of thingsfor now. This area seems a lot safer then the commercial accounts where everything you do is dictated by a budget and if money is to be saved and your work is tangable and not wanted your the first to go. Thank you guys for welcoming me to the site. THis seems to be a really nice site. I'm trying to get going again so i can leave my current job. I'm employed with Brickman Group for now. They are a big outfit but they are not the best company to work for thats for sure. They are very focused on the use of manual labor to do everything. I understood this concept of work when i worked for my self in the beginning and had no money to get me through and buy equipment. But with the workforce they have you would think they would have the equipment and save on labor dollars where they could but that is not the case. They give you 60 hours of work to do in a 40 hour week and they want it done without going over 40 because they don't want to pay overtime. So what do you give up on quality or do you skip a job or two till next week. Nope no choices it has to be done. The guys (hispanic workforce get paid good after 40 hours) but as anyone of authority you get paid what is called chinese over time. The more hours after 40 you work you loose money. The GUYS get time and a half but as an authoritive figure we get something stupid like 2-3 dollars per hour up to like fifty hours and after fifty it drops to 1 or change. The company looks great on a peice of paper but when it comes to actually working there it s a whole nother ball game. No raises no incentives to continue to strive for the highest quality, sometimes (most of the time) not even as much as a thankyou or that looks nice. They just keep on expecting it. Sorry just needed to vent. DLAWNS are you located in New York state? Thanks again guys for welcoming me to the site.:waving:
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    you could be working for nothing after you hit 40.... ever think of that??? that's called a salaried position, at least they are giving you something in return....

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