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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Lawnworks, Nov 13, 2003.

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    Here is an estimate I turned into a restaurant for maintenance. Please criticize and inform me how to be more professional. I a plan to 50- 100 of these in Dec-Jan, and I just want to look very capable and not like a 21-year-old kid. Do yall have any proposals yall could post on here?
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    I would place your logo on there...if you don't have one....get one. I would also include an introduction....your name, name of the business, credentials. Let them get to know you....tell them your objectives.....basically sell them yourself and then give them an estimate.
  3. Lawnworks

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    Is that what you do? How would you format that to look professional? That is a good idea about a logo, I will see if I can get mine on there. Thanks for the input!
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    Your estimate looks nice, I only have one quick suggestion.
    The abreviation for etcetra is etc. instead of ect.

    I'm not trying to be critical, just trying to help make your estimate as professional looking as possible.
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    It is a little unprofesional. JMHO

    1/ I would change the font

    2/ I would move all the cost amounts into a seprate collum

    3/ Mowing, ect- $100 @ 39 times a year - $3900
    Mowing: 39 cuts per Anum @ $100 per cut.............This is easier to understand. JMO

    4/ I would have more details on it. Ie PH # Mailind address etc.

    5/ I would Find a better layout.
    All my afformentioned comments are just my honest opinion.

    Hope this helps a little.

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    Hey Gopher......your doc says all services are subject to State sales tax......I thought labor was not taxed...

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    I think we can only tell you the truth about your estimate to help you. I think that it is to bla.... you need to add a professional logo separate the services with the prices more like columns. Also you need to ad a area for them to sign like an acceptance of the proposal. That another thing i think it should say proposal, this restaurant wants to know how much you are going to charge not a round about price. When you bid enough places you will be good at it so tell them what the price will be not an estimate, there really are not any variables with the service that you are going to perform. also put your logo and company info on the left hand side and there info on the right. "I just want to look very capable and not like a 21-year-old kid." And for me being 21 myself i hope that you older people don't look down or frown upon us i don't know how you operate your business or how much you have invested (time and money) but by the looks of your proposal and me having my own office 4 trucks 2 dumps 2 flatbeds 3 trailers brand new equipment, 4 full time Spanish employees that are all older than me and one darn good looking proposal form i hope that you don't stereo type us because some of might be a few steps ahead of you.

  9. Lawnworks

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    Thanks! I had no idea it was etc!!

    Mailing address is a good idea! Where can I get a better layout? I checked out your contract. What is point of having a nonbinding contract? I want one that will lock ppl into a monthly payment so they cannot screw me in the winter months.

    Hey man I am happy that you are successful. Sounds like you have an impressive business. I would love to compare notes with you. Sounds like you have some real nice equipment, you must be grossing 500k to pay for all that. Well I am going to school for a degree in accounting and then going to school for landscaping. I appreciate your advice. Proposal is a much better word. I am a small guy. I only have 1 full time mexican and 2 trucks. I mean I am happy you are successful, but you do not have to be a jerk about your success. I am only 21 and I would guess most people just getting into commercial bidding would not know alot about making a great proposal form. So don't insult me when I am TRYING to learn. Now I know if you have that many crews your are making well over $100 an hour, but I don't think most people look down on 21-year-old making $100 an hour. What program did you use for your estimate? Do you have one generic bidding sheet and handwrite the specifics? Please post your proposal. It is "darn good looking" right?
  10. LawnsRUsInc.

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    no sorry i thought you were older and you were looking down or frowning upon younger people in the industry
    its cool sorry lawn works


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