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    My name is Ben and I live in a rural area in southwest Va. I started out in 1998 at 18. I had a 1984 chevy half ton an ancient plow a huge tri-axle trailer, a kubota tractor w/4ft. finish mower homelite weedeaters really all junk.I am now 28yrs old and now Nash landscaping and lawn care has 92 weekly accounts bringing in around 25k a month.Starting spring 2009 i recently purchased Green acres lawn and garden supply center.We sell mulch, decorative stone, pallet stone, gravel, sand,plants, seasonal stuff and just recently became a Jonsered dealer.My lawn care business now has a 2006 f-350,2007 f-250,1999 f-150(plow truck),52 inch scag wildcat,61 inch scag turf tiger,60 inch cub cadet tank,36 inch Exmark walk behind 9 stihl fs90 weed eaters 4 stihl 600 backpack blowers. Snow equipment we have 2 8' western plows,7'6" curtis plow,Western vbox spreader,western tailgate spreader,curtis tailgate spreader. Lawn and garden center has a 1982 chevy c40 dump,2007 f450 dump 2008 bobcat 185 skidsteer loader.Hopefully if a heavy winter comes and make good money on snow i would like to purchase a f-650 dump. I guess that is my story guys!

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    Welcome to Lawnsite!
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    Wow Ben, I hope I come close to having the same success you have had. Good luck this winter. David
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    Love to hear stories like that Ben! Sounds like you have some really good instincts. You are around that $250K area and many times that can be a tough hump to get over on your way to the next level. Many contractors get very frustrated and stay at that level for a long time. If you ever need any advice or help with anything, don't hesitate to ask.

    Good luck and congratulations on all of your hard work and perseverance.


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