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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Cody S, Mar 12, 2013.

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    Alright, well I have been searching this site for a few years now and learned a ton from the people on here. I started out cutting some neighbors yards at 12 while also working at my neighbors lawn mower shop, but with school and such it was off and on until I hit 16 and had a Buick and a push mower. I mowed for one summer like that, but ended up getting a job (Kroger, I know, hit the big times) and not doing the lawn gig. I had been around landscaping since I was born due to my dad owning a large company here, but moved it to Arizona. I've known since I was young that deep down I always wanted my own company, so I worked at getting back into it, and have worked hard so far to get where I am now. My company is still very small compared to the large companies in my area, but I work at getting bigger every day. When I turned 18 I left Kroger and got a job at an apartment complex as maintenance, where I am working now. I have a few people in my corner giving me moral support, however a lot that just say I will crash and burn. The people on this site have given me a lot of hope for my own company.

    That was last year, and over the course of the year I was able to save money from Kroger and finance an F150, and while working full time at the apartments, I worked part time doing lawns out of the back of my truck. I became an LLC, and covered my company completely with liability insurance from the get go. I decided to go the road less traveled and did not go to school after high school. I know that is something that is looked down on, but I sacrificed my school for my business. I know I could learn much more, but working full time + my business runs 10 hour days and the money outweighed the schooling right now. I by no means come from a high income family, so financially I saw it as the best option, and this is basically my future on my shoulders. I have 20+ books I've bought and read, and with my dad being a landscape architect/nursery grower, I look to him to be as much of a teacher as anyone, even being 2500 miles away. When I am full time with my lawn company only, I want to look at education to get my landscape architectural license.

    So, sorry for the life story, I'll get on to the pictures. I wanted to start a thread, like many on here, that will document my work and equipment over time. I hope I can continue to work and grow, and hopefully amass the success that most contribute to this site. It will be hard work, but I feel I can do it. I know I have a lot of competition in my area, but I would like to look more to them as mentors, not as much competitors. I mean, they got to where they are today for some reason, right?

    Right now I don't have much in terms of equipment, but look to get more as I continue to get more accounts lined up.

    My Stealth 33" and my Ariens 21"

    6x12 Dual Ramp Trailer

    Back End of Truck & Trailer

    Shot of Current Equipment, Minus Handtools/ETC

    I'll get more pictures as I go, thanks for looking!
  2. Mowerboy04

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    looks good! thats alot of trailer for just those two mowers!!! gives you lots of room to grow!!! About how many lawns are you taking care of? good luck in 2013
  3. Cody S

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    Thanks! Yeah I figured go big at first to save money in the long run. I plan on getting a bigger walk behind or zero turn this year. And right now I have 10 accounts lined up for 2013, trying to get more. I'm still working at the apartments. I want about 35 before I leave there.
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  5. joel29m

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    I started the same way. I was so happy I had a trailer I was riding around with the weedeater, blower and 22inch push mower tied to each other in the middle of a 6x12 trailer lol, but now the space is taken. Looks nice man.
  6. HDLLandscaping

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    In the meantime with that trailer, looks exactly like the one I want to get mid-season this year from lows, you can turn half of it into a leaf box if you wanted instead of putting the box on your truck for spring cleanups. I was thinking of doing that this year once I get my trailer.

    Good luck, I should probably post some photos of my start-up this year.
  7. LandFakers

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    Looks good. Good luck this season!!
  8. Cody S

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    Thanks! Yeah after working out of the back of my truck I am so happy to have a trailer. Trailer space is like a garage, it can never be too big!
  9. Cody S

    Cody S LawnSite Senior Member
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    Funny you say that because that's where I bought it. I was a little worried about the quality but when I found out it was made by Carry-On I pulled the trigger and bought it. If I land a lot of cleanups I'm going to rig something up just like that on the back half of the trailer.

    Thanks! Just working on gathering a larger account base right now, I have a website, on google, use craigslist, etc., however word of mouth is the best advertising you can get, just extremely slow!
  10. HDLLandscaping

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    I knew it looked familiar, hopefully I will get mine this season. Id love to see the pictures of it if you do the box on it, I was going to put my box on the front, but the back might be easier to unload using the wider tailgate... :rolleyes: I forgot about the side gate to load mowers so thats a good idea! Good luck this season!

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