my competitors are nasty!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gordons lawn, Jan 19, 2003.

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    I can t believe the tatics new lawn service companies will use to try gain control over my established accounts., in 2002 season i had one such company go to my properties i have and offered to provide the same service as me for 10% less then my pricing. well thank god for my reputation with my properties, i did not lose 1 account, but makes for bad feelings out in the field! I work hard for my properties and hey, all companies do not provide the same service for less!!!! what do you professionals think, what can i do about competition that has no clue about this industry...pssss me off ! I do believe in free rights to industry , but we all have to work at keeping the standards and pricing some what competitive.
  2. E-man

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    You will never be able to rid of that kind of competition.
    As many have said on here before keep up with the quality and proffesionalism that got you were you are today and you will be fine.
  3. Turfdude

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    Service your client well: be prompt, courteous and above all, do quality work. I have had many clients tell me they'd rather pay me the extra $$ (even okay annual raises) than have to go fishing thru cheaper competitors that will not be reliable nor provide the same quality service.
    My smaller commercial accounts are the same way. Its the larger commercials who look more at the $$ they spend that you may have problems keeping. I have done work for one such company since 1998. One year they swithched to another LCO. Results - at best poor quality work (all of their property rentors had complaints), they got billed for services they never received- I bailed them out at the end of the year. For the next 2 years, they tried to go "in house" w/ the same results. I finally told the property owner that "I'm not his prostitute". If we help him out again, I want the full contracts. We've been full tilt w/ them again for the past 2 years (15 properties in all & get paid w/in 30 days on every one). I'm happy & they're happy.

  4. jkkalbers

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    gordon -
    don't let it upset you so much, you'll live longer. if your reputation is as good as you say, you'll have nothing to worry about. Most people realize you get what you pay for.
  5. Randy Scott

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    Maybe he can afford to do it for 10% less and do a quality job. Who are you to say he can't? He's doing what he has to to survive in this vicious world.

    Although it may not seem right, that's the world of business. I don't agree with this tactic, nor would I practice it. And it would most likely piss me off also, but that's life unfortunately. Like Turfdude said, all you can do is offer a good service and if people leave you to save money, there's not much you can do. Move on and if they call you back, they call you back. :)
  6. cos

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    Sounds like they were listening to a consultant named Phil Nilson. He posts at another forum to sell books and consulting services.

    He started a thread telling people to cut other landscaper's prices by 10% and then cut corners to make up the difference. Then advises to discount your prices after a good snow year.

    I am very thankful that Chuck showed him the door real quick when he tried that junk here!
  7. yergus

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    i had that same problem when i first started out. i was really mad, so what i did was i found a lot of his customers, i confronted them, showed them what he did poorly, told them how i could do better, and even though i was a few dollars higher, i took them away from them. when he confronted me about going to his customers, i told him what was good for the goose was good for the gander. i also told him that when he was ready to sell his equipment, i would give him 10 cents on the dollar. funny but i haven't seen him in over five years now.
  8. KDJ

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  9. Ed Ryder

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    I do residentials in nice affluent neighborhoods and have plenty of competition. My customers are solicited all the time. Does it bother me? No. Because my customers are content with me. I do the job right. The price is fair. And I'm trusted and enjoyed.

    Frankly, if a customer leaves me soley over price, then I don't want them anyway. I want customers who will support me.
  10. tiedeman

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    If a customer leaves you over the price, instead of the quality then more power to them. Let them sweat it out for a month with the new LCO and then they will be calling you back.

    If you do exceptional quality service with personal attentation and a customer leaves you for a lower price then that is a customer that I wouldn't won't at all.

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