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My complex has lost their minds


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After years of paying various people $75 per hour ($50 per hour over 5 years ago) the management company calls me and informs me that they are no longer going to pay that amount. I asked why and they said it's because I am an employee of the complex, the others who did it before are not. So I asked them what they proposed paying me.

They said that they were only going to pay me $10 per hour- for a complex that takes about an hour if the snow is bad. I told them that I won't even start my truck for that.

Now, I can see them adjusting their price IF AND ONLY IF the truck and the plow belonged to them (maybe not as low as 10 bucks though). But the truck and plow is owned by me, and I won't do it.

I asked where they came up with the $10 figure and they said "well, it's what we pay you to shovel the walks, so it seemed fitting for plowing as well."

I told them to either pay me properly or find someone to contract- and they seemed offended by it. So, I sent them a contract (which states my pricing)- the same contract that I would give to any other complex that I didn't work at. I then told them the only other option is to buy a truck and plow for the complex, then I'd discuss doing it cheaper. I was very polite during the whole conversation (can't say the same for them) but I did let them know that there is nothing stating that I had to use my own equipment for my employer's purposes, and if my decision affected my job in any way, I'd seek legal action. I also told them (once again, politely) that I'd service the lot no further until an agreement is made between us.

Now, it is a simple lot, and I'd be willing to go down to $50 per hour as long as they paid for any damage that occured to my trucks while on the property, but I will not accept $10 when last year's contractor got $75- just because I am an employee. I don't get paid by the hour there for maintenance, I get paid by the job. For instance, I get paid the same $20 for a faucet regardless of if it takes 5 minutes or 5 hours. The only thing that is hourly there is lawn care and snow removal. The rates they are willing to pay are as follows-
$7.50/hr lawn care - their equipment
$10.00/hr snow removal (shoveling/ blowing) - my equipment
Unagreed/hr snow removal (plowing) - my equipment

What are your thoughts on this situation?


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southeast pa
I would tell them to go plow and shovel it themselves for that price!!!!!! They have to realize that wear and tear on your vehicle is a major factor!! I can't believe they had the balls to even try to lower their price like that. If it was me!!!!, I would quit and get another job and send them a proposal for $100 an hour!!!!! Tell the bitc& to get out there and shovel it themselves!!!, and see if its worth $10 an hour!!!!!!

Just my 2 cents


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This would be one of the few times I would ever suggest this.

Plow them in man. Stack the snow high right in front of their entrance during the middle of the night.



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central Maine
They're loonier than a tune or think you was born yesterday. Who's going to be responsible for gas, insurance, repair of equipment etc? I can't imagine an "employee" being responsible for providing a vehicle and plow!



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Tell them to go out and spend the $30-40K and set you up with a plow truck and sander and why they are at it a bobcat for snow removal another $26K.Then you will do it for no less than $13 and hour that's the going rate up in mass for just driving someones plow truck.Oh yea tel them to pay for yopur insurance too.Gas and repairs.


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I would not even do the lawn work for under $10 hr it's just as hard work as doing the walks. I start my landscape workers out at $ 9.75 hr. If they don't like what you charge for plowing scew em.


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Central Delaware
Plow them in man. Stack the snow high right in front of their entrance during the middle of the night.

I couldn't have put it better myself. It's a shame but some people will always try and see just how much they can get out of you.