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Discussion in 'Eureka Fluid Film' started by 44DCNF, May 23, 2008.

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    I don't know if the contest runs through today until midnight or ended last night but here's my scoop on Fluid Film. To save time and since I don't know if I am even in the running with posting today I am combining my two entries here and hoping for the best. I went through a half case of aerosols and 1 gallon since trying it and am ready for more.
    Here is a list of what I can remember I have used it on.
    Top Five favorite applications:
    Felco pruners, Stihl loppers, hedge shears; plant goo cleans off super easy and even after a wipe down they are still coated well enough to be left alone, but I usually recoat them
    Redmax gas hedge shears (spray)
    Undercoating for vehicles (bulk, done over grass with absolutely no ill effect to grass)
    Under mower deck (bulk)
    Digging tools get cleaned with wire wheel on grinder weekly and coated with bulk fluid film via a paint brush from a small bucket.

    door hinges - house and vehicle, chains - bicycle and motorcycle, removing bugs, grease, tar, and road kill from truck, seals on all pulley bearings on mowers, wipe down painted surfaces of mowers, aluminum tubes and shields and all work heads used on trimmers, engine bay of truck (bulk), am going to coat all tucked away brake and fuel lines on truck here soon,
    seals and gaskets before assembly into anything, coat stored tires and rims from plow truck during summer and vice versa, coat hands before a greasy disassembly job, clean hands after a greasy job, wet cleaned foam prefilters when they call for oiling, all pocket knives when they get cleaned and sharpened, oiling guns when cleaned (havent tried it to clean a barrel yet),
    coated the inside of aluminum spindle housings and all parts involved when new bearings were installed to the exmark deck, tire dressing, I have some in a half gallon hand cleaner pump container, some in an oiler, some in a bucket, some in a bottle. It all has it's place and different uses and application methods from brushing to raggin on, using an eye dropper where needed, sprayed through electric sprayer and soon my new sure shot sprayer given me by Dano, pumped onto something and wiped in, and syringed.

    Here's a link to a short video ( I couldn't get it to embed) of it being applied to a mower deck through a chicago electric sprayer, where there spray setting is not quite adjusted right. I had a better spray pattern when undercoating the truck. The deck was allowed to dry with grass on it but had been previously coated. I waited on cleaning it until I recoat it and cut grass again. Then it will all flake off very nicely due to it all absorbing the fluid film. Turn your sound down. The sprayer noise is annoying (precisely why I need to win the Sure Shot).
    click to view

    Here is a suggestion from eXmarks site, an application where I am now using Fluid Film.....I also applied it to the lower crank seal on the Kawasaki with a small paintbrush.

    Maintaining idler pulleys
    To add a little life to your idler pulleys, try using a little spray lubricant on the seals. Over time, water and sunlight can cause the seals to harden, shrink or crack. When this happens, the seal no longer protects the bearing and a failure will soon happen. The lubricant will help to keep the seal soft and resistant to the weathering that can occur.

    In summary, Thanks Dano for great service and thanks Fluid Film for a great product. It has reduced the number of different types of spray products I keep around the shop. Great Stuff. I think I should win for the simple reason that I think I like the Fluid Film much more than y'all do. It really comes down to money is tight if I think about it though, so I'm beggin ya, at least consider my entry and make some posts you guys. Help a brother out, yeah?

    Any questions?

    p.s. Sorry Dano, I accidentally posted this in the thread explaining the rules and it timed out my editing ability before I could get the video link to work.
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    Holy Moly, that is an awesome testimonial and you are definitely in the running for the Sure Shot sprayer! That contest doesn't end until June 15th, so you posted in plenty of time.

    The contest for the most threads ends tonight at midnight.

    Thanks again!
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    After watching the video, the deck needs to be much cleaner than that for the FF to last longer and be more effective. :usflag:

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