my conversation with a total idiot

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. bobbygedd

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    i had a conversation the other day with a man, who has been running a landscape service for 22 years. i was looking for intelligent conversation, talking a little about my business plan, goals, etc. he looked at me in amusement, and here are some of the things he said: you are better off keeping your business small, if you need help like 3-4 months out of the year, you are better off driving around looking for a daily worker than having a steady helper. only keep half your clients on the books. the other half should pay cash, or a check made out to cash,even though you have to sign the back of it to cash it, there is no way they can track that. pre pay agreements are stupid, i'd rather have people owe me money for 3-4 months, this way i have something to look foward to. contracts are stupid, we are pathetic lawn men, not proffessional business men. i don't have a pesticide license. i been doin it without one for 22 yrs, nobody has the right to tell me i can't do it. if they come to my house, they'll need a search warrent, if they get one, they may find a pallet of weed control in my garage, but i'll say it's for my own property, they can't prove otherwise. uniforms are stupid. if a customer screws me out of money, as long as it's under $300, i won't even bother chasing it, it's not worth it. TRULY AMAZING
  2. Let it Grow

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    I never cease to be amazed by the human race!
    Maybe you should ask this guy if he would be your mentor, or better yet you should see if he wants to go into partnership with you!!!
  3. mbricker

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    BobbyG, I see you have hillbillies in NJ too.

    Maybe you oughta consider hiring him--if you don't pay him and it's less than 300 he won't worry about it. Yeah,right.
  4. Potchkins

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    i see you found a shur'nuff mowruun
  5. musselman

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    He has been in it for 22 years...and wont chase money unless its $300 or more...not the way I would do it, but he must be doing something right. I would hate to be around when he does get into an accident with a mower and has no insurance to help out.
    My first few years this is how I ran my LCO...I made alot...not just a little ..,alot more money than I do now so I know its hard to argue with someone who does thing the "unproffessional" way. The only advantage I have being "proffessional" is insurance that has cost me alot over the years...and Ive never had to use it once thank goodness. Ill tell you insurance, taxes, licences add up to alot ....I dont think I would call the guy an idiot just a guy taking a major gamble that has paid off for 22 years.
  6. broken leg

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    Ask him if he is a hunter to.
  7. tx_angler

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    You need to take this guy to Atlantic City, but don't bet against him!
  8. bobbygedd

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    my thought as to why he wouldn't pursue a $300 debt is simple. when you're doing something wrong(as he clearly is) you don't ruffle other peoples feathers, you know the saying, "if you live in a glass house, don't throw rocks....." i think he IS a total idiot. he also rinses his tanks and dumps the water in the sewer in front of his house. fool , needless to say, our conversation ended in an argument. everything that we're taught here, on how to be moral and ethical business people, he does the opposite. why has he exsisted 22 years? lucky, and, by no means does he live the kind of lifestyle any sane man would call "good". if someone bones him out of $300, he just eats less spam that month for dinner. i think its a damn shame
  9. LHlandscaping

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    That sounds all too familiar. It's people like that who make the professionals look good though. Simply put the kind of clientele he most likely attracts doesn't care about quality and I'm sure your clientele does. He obviously doesn't have any clue what lies ahead for him in the long-term scheme of things. I'm proud that you stood firm on your beliefs with the low life. You are a true business owner and he is a hick with a mower. Stay strong man, you're not alone!!!
  10. rodfather

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    The world is made up of all kinds bobby...just recognize what he is so you don't ever become like him.

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