My customer is the mngr. of a "club"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jcr_17, Jun 21, 2004.

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    I am mowing a customer's house when a guy walks up from next door and we start talking and he needs his yard done. He says that if I do a good job then he will keep me all summer. I am thinking to myself that if I do this job then I'll never see him again. I am about to start the yard when he comes outside and wants me to go to his work later that night and pick up my money. I ask where he works and he says he manages an all nude strip club.

    The first thing that goes through my mind is how in the HE!! am I going to go home, take a shower, and get all cleaned front of my wife....only to tell her that, no, it is not a up some money...uh...from a client, yeah yeah, I am going to go collect from a client!

    I was really really looking forward to it only to be let down when the guy hands me the money right before he left for work and explains that he found some money and thought he would go ahead and pay me.

    This was last year and of course, it was a one time job! After writing this I think that since I have some free time tomorrow I'll go find out if he needs his yard mowed again this year, and INSIST, that I'll eagerly collect....from his work!
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    Until last year , we plowed 2 of the 4 nudie bars here in town. One liked to be billed, and the other insisted I collect each visit, which was no problem for me of course. My wife was out plowing with me one night at like 3AM, I plowed the parking lots and went in to collect. The girl at the counter asked where my wife was, if I had left her out in the truck or what. I motioned for her to come in, which she did. She critiqued every dancer there after I got paid, and never had any problems with me "hanging out" to talk shop or get paid. She even thought one chick was hitting on her...hhmmmm..nah..but the funny thing was they paid in 85 one dollar bills out of the till, guess where they all came's about the only 2 accounts I will miss from plowing as we do not offer plow service any more since 2003......
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    Errr... gimme a clue... did they smell like tuna ?
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    MMM your making me hungry or is that the other H word. lol
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    As long as it's green and has pictures of dead presidents on it, I don't care where it came from, although I used to see 12-15 pretty good ideas where it came from..<a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border=0></a>:D :D :D

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