my cyclone rake, i hated it!


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Hello everyone. I wanted to post my cyclone rake experience. Every year about this time I get folks calling with these 3-4 acre yards full of pine needles and pine cones that have gone for 4 months with no cleaning to be cleaned. In the past this has killed me. spent 5 days on one yard last year. My bagger would not pick it up without stopping up contantley. I purchased a cyclone rake last month and got to use it a couple of weeks ago on a yard full of pine tress, about 2 acres and could not wait to try it out. I get to the yard and go about 30 seconds and feel a bad jerk, went under a dog wood and tore the plastic connector out of the collector. had to stop and repair it. about 30 seconds later same thing on a oak limb. then about 20 seconds later knocked a AC unit off its foundation GRRRR I could feel my blood pressure going sky high. I finally became more consious of the length og this thing and made it thru the yard. I will say it done a FANTASTIC job on the thick straw and pine cones. I had to empty it 10 times on the whole yard, not bad for the amount that was there. Today I done a small yard with lots of fence and side walks and it was hQQll Once again it done a great job and only emptied it one tine when finished.

pros: does a great job on sucking up anything and would be great in large open yards with little or no obstacles. No matter how thick staw or leaes will not stop up.

cons: is not woth a s$$t in residentual yars with lots of flowers or beds. or lawn ornaments. it took me 2 hours today on this yard instead of 1 using the bagger on my JD 133 that I had been using it on.I have not had one call so far for a large cleanup I normally get this time of the year. My trailor is a little over 12 feet long and this unit will barely fit on with about 2 inches to spare. You need a acre yard to turn this thing around in!

Like I said it does a fantastic job on vacumming just is not right for me and Im past the 30 day guarantee barely or I would send it back. Anyone need a good cyclone rake for your use? I thing I will put it up for sale



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Sorry to hear that. I don't have a need for one but I do a few big cleans. I dont seem to have the pine cone problem that you do in GA.
I get along real well with the Walker dethatcher and a JRCO dethatcher. They are well suited for tight residential as well as large open.


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i bought a cyclone rake back in oct. while it is not good in tight spots i like the way it handles instead of a trailer. i deal with a lot of pine needles also and i have trouble with the boot stopping up on mine.


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Hey Jbob. So far the 2 times Ive used mine it has not stopped up yet, however I have not done a real super bad yard yet. Was so aggravated with it did not really want to use it again.


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