My dealer got hit!

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by silverado212, Feb 17, 2010.

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    Buddy of mine called me last night and told me that our dealer got hit over the weekend. Pried a door open and cleaned out every Stihl chainsaw on display rack and in storage. Also got every new BR600 Magnum they had. Took shipping boxes and all. Kicker is the owner of the shops house is fifty feet away and the mechanic lives 3 houses down from the shop. Sounds like they were in there for awhile. Also told me another Stihl dealer a few miles away got hit too. Cut a hole in the side of their building and cleaned them out on the same stuff. I hope these low life scums are caught.
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    Did they use your tools for that??


    But really, this crap is getting out of hand. One friend of mine just got his trailer stolen from his house in one of the wealthiest areas in Virginia.

    And the trailer was WAY inside the property...
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    I've been looking at high end H264 camera gear with alerts to iPhone to also view in real time as it's recorded.
    If you leave it loose and dark, it will go away.

    This link should be listed as State it occurred in with zipcode alert just incase we stumble into it on the road.

    We had Bobcat and all it's tools on trailer heavily chained inside chain-link commercial lot, and it was never found.
    That can ruin you permanently.

    I would never invest in gear again w/o GPS tracking.

    Usually these type of chop through wall criminals are the same ones that should not be that hard to track down.
    But to not have cameras, no escuse.

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    Just a few weeks ago I began working with a local contractor, The shop is on a very very very busy main road, across from an airport/ a ANG base (I'm in Battle Creek Mi) three out of five truck windows were smashed in a GPS (my GPS), 2 strobes were stolen.
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    You would think they would have a sophisticated alarm system with an external sound off.:confused: Noisy alarms scare off and/or make burglars rush the job.

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