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My dealer no longer sells Exmark??

Kelly's Landscaping

LawnSite Platinum Member
Milford CT
I happen to love the exmark product so I am not pleased when I go to Chatfield’s today and they tell me sorry we no longer sell exmark but we would love to put you in a scag.

We could use a few more dealers in my area I have one 5 miles from my house but the guy is an jackazz no way am I spending a dime with him ever. Which leaves me heading to the other end of my state but I really like my current dealer or I wouldn’t have dumped 30 k there last year. I am not certain what I am going to buy yet, as all told I am adding 5-7 mowers to my fleet this year I had assumed they would all be exmarks.

Something that was offered to me today I would like to talk about I was offered fleet rate in order to get it I need to be buying a larger amount of mowers which I am planning on doing scag offered 3 points for a reg ZTR 4 for the saber tooth monster 2 for the cubs and 1.5 for WB hydros and 1 for belt WBs long story short if I buy 12 points worth the manufacturer cuts the cost and they knock 15% off the suggested retail well on the ZTR that can be 1400-2000 dollars. I am wondering does exmark offer such a plan for their larger customers and if not why? Also if you do not what is involved in getting your own dealership i.e. I would just assume buy direct from you then put up with these games every season. I am only a small company now but with our growth in 5 years its fore seeable to be running a fleet of 20-30 mowers and I would rather at that point avoid the middleman. I personally feel you make some of the best mowers money can buy however you now have some 20 other guys making mowers and they don’t all suck. I would hope and suggest that you beat them with customer relations obviously having a company that buys 5 mowers plus a season is worth fighting for and I do hope you see things this way.


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