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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by MikeLT1Z28, Aug 13, 2002.

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    SUCKS! there's a word for you...

    i took my metro in for a few problems i was having. i could have fixed most of it myself, but it is under warranty. i was having trouble with it lacking power, the blade engagement arm wasn't allowing the switch to fully engage (safety shutoff for opc), poor cut quality and the transmission jumping out of gear and the gear selector and plate not lining up.

    they got it on a friday afternoon and didn't start it until late monday or early tuesday. i am thinking early tuesday when i called them ready to tell them to not worry about it.

    i have only used it twice since then so the problems weren't apparent until i looked closer. they didn't fix it properly and i now know why. what i found was they cleaned the pre-filter and oiled it. greased around the tensioner pulley and told me that grass under the deck cover was why the engagement arm had to be jerked back for the switch to engage. moved the gear ID plate to the left as far as it would go and added two pounds of air to the rear tires.

    here's what they SHOULD have done. they should have adjusted the trans lever as the manual says (i'm going to do it today). the way they moved the plate i couldn't even get in reverse! i found out the safety switch isn't under the deck, so no amount of grass could keep it from not working properly, it is under the main body at the bottom of the arm to engage the blades. when i told them it was down on power i had a puffing sound that wasn't always there, cause: loose exhaust and the block.

    they won't be getting another penny from me. every time i go in there they seem to not have time to mess with me. oh well, their loss.
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    Thanks for the head's up. E-mail me back when you get a chance, and we can talk more about what's going on here. Here is my e-mail address You could also PM us here on, or you could give me a call at 402/223-6212. Contact me when you can.

    Thanks again,

    Exmark Customer Support

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