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Anchorage, AK
I am here in Idaho @college and I am working on getting by business in Anchorage AK started up. Spring clean are a huge portion of my yearly revenue! I wont be back in town until two weeks after the other companies will have started. I have two very good employees that worked for me when I left early for school last fall. No customer complaints!

I am going to ask them to work for me this spring and to start when everyone else does. My equipment will be ready to go because I will have my mecanic get it all ready.

i paid them 10$ an hour last year and they were happy with that and when ever I was gone I would give them bonuses if I had no customer complaints.

how should i pay them this spring.
What is the most percentage I should be paying for employees?

I was thinking of 10 $ an hour and a fifty $ bonus for every 12 they get done with out a complaint.

More incentive to work and to do a good job
They wont be spreading fert or lime. I will do it when i get home!

Average spring clean up is 130$


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I would stick to the same plan cause they still maybe counting on the x-tra bucks and its a big help to you.
Good help is one thing,reliable help should be reimbursed for,Especially while your so far away.


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Not trying to sound like a @#% but i hope they teach spelling and grammer in college .


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If how you did it last year worked for both you and your employees stick to it. Don't spoil them. Some employees are like kids - once they are spoiled they get lazy and they want more.

If you really want to raise their wage, wait till after the spring cleanup season, raise them 25 cents an hour if they did a good job and thank them for a job well done.


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