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    LOVE the white dodge! i also like that u use Toro instead of exmark (not hating on exmark, they're awesome) what size trailer is that you put the two z masters on?
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    It may of allready been asked but what is that smaller toro
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    What do you mean smaller toro? he has 2) 52'' toro z-turns and a belt drive 32'' toro walk behind.
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    Hey every one, its been awhile sense iv been on hear but I finally got time to upload every thing. I am now 23 years old with one full time guy during the summer an wen I need him when it snows. We had 65 lawn accounts this year that we took care of on a weekly bases that's not including brush, tree work, clean ups, etc. etc... and iv got 30 snow plowing accounts witch I hate only have one plow truck to do them all but we get it done. I bought a bunch of new stuff this year as your see when post the pictures but every thing I own is paid for free and clear except the truck an that will be paid off by the spring time

    Some of my stuff..

    2012 Dodge Ram 2500 w/ 8ft boss V-plow an cam dump insert
    Polaris ranger 6x6 w/6ft plow
    6x12 dump trailer
    6x12 open trailer
    5x8 dump trailer
    8.5x24 enclosed trailer
    2) 52inch Toro z-turn
    60inch Toro z-turn
    32inch Toro walk behind
    42inch john Deere rider
    Stihl/ Kawasaki/ Echo power equipment
    5 push mowers
    pressure washer
    leaf vac
    lots of hand tools






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    6x12 dump freshly painted, new 60 inch toro and all the equipment put away for the winter








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    don't miss this set up :hammerhead:





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    Everything looks good.
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