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My equipment pics.

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Got my first digital camera and I will try to post some pics of my equipment.

Tire Plant Wheel Vehicle Tractor
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The tow and plow truck.

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive parking light Automotive tire
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My homemade racks and Z.

Tire Plant Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle
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My homemade tool holder and Honda.

Plant Wheel Motor vehicle Tree Tire
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The truck, trailer and tractor.

Wheel Tire Car Plant Vehicle
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Hey you did good, UL finally posted a full pic of a peice of equipment and he has many many snap shots a head of you with the digi camera.

NIce tractor, is that a scag bushhog.;)
Thanks to the guys who told me how to post pics, What do you all think for a guy who has been in business for 3 years and still has a full time job and does this about 30hrs a week.
LGF, thanks. It is actually a Woods 60" brushhog. I had a 72" finish mower that I bought with it new, but didn't use it very much after I bought the Z. Sold it to my cousin who has the exact tractor. He said I could borrow it in a pinch, sounded like a good deal to me.
So how do you like that tractor? Is it a super steer too? Whatever they call it.

I looked at them, very nice. I see you got the hydro drive.

I knew it was a woods.
That whole outfit is good for nothing but getting down to business. One complete set-up. I have to say, I LOVE that tractor, and only dream of owning something like that someday. Do you find that the 25 lacks just a little pwer with the Brushhog, though? Everyone I've spoken to all say the same thing. That is, if I were to purchase one, make sure to get get atleast a 33 hp or so, to have about 30 hp going out the back. What do you think? The one you have is STILL a little workhorse, though.;)
I like ya tractor matey. Do you use the bucket for installs? can you get a trenching attachment for it? Dose it chew the juice? oh and whats ya favorite color?
I figured you where busting my azz. I love that tractor. At my other job, we have a 1520 Ford, same tractor just 15 years older. When I was first hired all I did was groundskeeping, 5 days a week it's a big lawn. Now they hire a retired guy to do it. Anyway, all we use that tractor for now is pushing around our rail cars. Thats right, rail cars, the ones that weigh 250,000 lbs loaded and 60,000 lbs empty. I do all the servicing on it and it doesn't leak or burn anything. The bucket looks like a horeshoe and she starts everytime. That is why I bought one just like it, with hydro instead of gear drive though. It is not a supersteer. I could not see the extra $ to tear up turf quicker than you could blink. It turns very tight with the standard steering.

I have found that in real thick stuff, you will bog down. That is why I bought it with the hydro. When you come up on thick stuff, you slow down, thin stuff, speed up. If I had the extra $ at the time, I would have got the 33. When I bought it, I did not have one customer. My wife thought I was on crack, I called it work incentive. Believe it or not, it was my first "mower." It will move alot of topsoil, mulch or stone anyday of the week. I have a york rake with wheels for it too. Sure does beat raking by hand. I am a one man band, except for the occasional help, so anything that makes life easier, is well worth it for me.
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I use the bucket alot. To spread material, pick up heavy stuff and she does move the snow banks when they get too high. I can get a backhoe attachment for $5800. My uncle has a mini excavator with a 10' reach and he lives next door, so I haven't seen the need to get one. I am guessing that "chewing the juice" means does it use alot of fuel. At full throttle, I only burn about 1 gallon of fuel per hour. My favorite color is New Holland blue because it makes me $. It is kinda funny when I show up for some jobs and the customer says, " you aren't going to use that pretty tractor for that are you?" No I only use this 1 for show, the tractor I use for work is at the house.:dizzy:
Nice Setup Neighbor...

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