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my exmark cut problems fixed... almost.


LawnSite Silver Member
I believe that I figured out the problem, or so I thought. there was uneven tread wear on the right back tire of the Z, so I put 3 extra psi is that tire, and it cut great, per the pic below.



LawnSite Silver Member
but then, I ran into this trouble (see the pic). realize on this lawn, it is extremely thick, and as you an see, it was wet. the first pic was bermuda/kyllinga/various weeds. this second pic is seashore paspalum, which is very thick.

now here is the conclusion that I have come to (said in my best "major paine" accent): blade speed, is the key to the cut, once you start bogging the blades even sleightly, it starts this. on stiff, "wirey" grasses, it does this, not bermuda, which is very bendable and springy. over all, I am not sure that I can fix this, but it is no longer doing it on all my lawns, just 2 now, that are thick. overall, I would say that I am happy with the exmark now, but I am still considering selling it. not because I am dissatisfied, but because I need a larger deck.

please ignore the bare spot there, a thing a sprinker head is clogged. I am working on getting it replaced. and yes, we do blow our yards, so I'll answer that one right there.