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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by colonel landscaping, Sep 16, 2003.

  1. colonel landscaping

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    Ok, it all started back in june of 2003.... i order my mower on a sat great be here by monday.....monday comes around.. go to the dealer .. no mower now end of the week... fri rolls around... no mower so finally the end of the second week i finally get the mower..... " oh the truck broke down" and thats my problem why im thinking to my self?. then its now sept i was supposed to be getting rollers with it as a promotion.... where are they? dealer dont know.. i dont have them.....i need a belt... they check double and tripple check..give me the wrong one for my mower... "oh we only have the manual for 320,000# so i go there yesterday and he says oh yeah here we go this is the one you need... great im thinking i can finish this last weeks accounts finally.. i ask him so when's it gonna be here.,." oh tommrow" .. are you sure? "yeah" ...ok i shoulda went with parts plus anyways because i get home from school.. what would ya know i call them up and he say's "oh its comeing from a warehouse i didnt think it would come form in nh" are you sure its gonna be here today..." i dont think so" great so now im screwed i promised people would get there lawns cut today cause the machine would be fixed..... i hate having another LCO do my work but its looking like i'll have to now.... i have checked every auto parts store around here and i even went to the lesco dealer.. and he said that it wasnt showing up in the computer but he still went and looked through all the belts and we couldnt find one... eXmark is a great machine and all but its nothing with out the dealer and frnkly the dealer here sucks! im not the first one to be frustrated with him nor will i be the last.
  2. TRex

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    I hope you let the guys on the Exmark forum know, they should take care of you the best they can. I have not had any problems with my dealer yet but I have not needed any parts yet. All dealers seem more like salesman than service reps.
  3. TLS

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    First off, VERY difficult to read post there. :rolleyes:

    Second of all.....What mower did you get? Walkbehind? Z?

    Third, Why did it need a new belt? :confused:

    A little history is nice from time to time.

    ----TAKE TWO----
  4. GLAN

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    Is there another Exmark dealer?
  5. rodfather

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    John Gamba is from CT. why don't you find out who he is using? Plus, nobody waves the eXmark banner any more than John from what I have seen!
  6. John Gamba

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    I was waiting for you rodfather, No one says it like you.

    The wonderful thing about exmark among a lott more is theres a dealer on every corner.
    I do use coffils in Glastonbury but it is a hike for you.
    glad to see you back from japan, Did you bring back any fryed bones?
  7. mike9497

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    #1 on price and support

    giant oak power in north branford

    #2 on price but same great service

    frenettes in hamden
  8. colonel landscaping

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    TLS = lazer z 60", employee hit a root snapped it in 2 instant

    GLAN= yes ! there is about 25 mins from me, i was smart called up first. ":yeah we got to of em" so i say great im coming down to pick one up ok. i hitch up get my mower on and everything else.. get there oh we cant find it... comp says we have two though.. cant find them though. great so i just drove 50 mins with my trailer and equipment for nothing.. i hitched up so i didnt have to go back home and take even more time.

    Rodfather= Yes i know, but john g. is also over an hour away from me. i dont mind the drive its the time factor. the other thing that pisses me off is that the dealer close to me where i bought my mower NEVER ever gives you straight answers. i called him up again to double check and now he didnt know if it would be in tommrow!. eXmark got a nice long email about him, i know of a few other companies who have also complained about him.
    i think i might just follow in johns footsteps and just drive out to gastonbury tommrow and from now on use them for all my parts/service. to be a succesful companie noone can afford to have there equipment down for 5 days!... when i first got the mower i was like can i get belts for it to.. he said no you dont need them they never break dont even need to think about it till at least 600 hours.. well here at 64 hrs .. im thinking pretty hard.. sorry for venting i just have alot on my mind at the moment
  9. Runner

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    That belt needs to be covered by warranty, anyway. What in the world happened to the overnight or free policy!!!!!!!!????????? This dealer could have just had it sent from this other dealer that HAS it! Thart's how the network works! You need to mention THAT to Exmark about this nimrod that can't even get you a belt from an hour away!
  10. John Gamba

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    Cofiells 860-659-0553 ask for steve use my name.
    Johnny G.

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