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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by colonel landscaping, Sep 16, 2003.

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    Ok, it all started back in june of 2003.... i order my mower on a sat great be here by monday.....monday comes around.. go to the dealer .. no mower now end of the week... fri rolls around... no mower so finally the end of the second week i finally get the mower..... " oh the truck broke down" and thats my problem why im thinking to my self?. then its now sept i was supposed to be getting rollers with it as a promotion.... where are they? dealer dont know.. i dont have them.....i need a belt... they check double and tripple check..give me the wrong one for my mower... "oh we only have the manual for 320,000# so i go there yesterday and he says oh yeah here we go this is the one you need... great im thinking i can finish this last weeks accounts finally.. i ask him so when's it gonna be here.,." oh tommrow" .. are you sure? "yeah" ...ok i shoulda went with parts plus anyways because i get home from school.. what would ya know i call them up and he say's "oh its comeing from a warehouse i didnt think it would come form in nh" are you sure its gonna be here today..." i dont think so" great so now im screwed i promised people would get there lawns cut today cause the machine would be fixed..... i hate having another LCO do my work but its looking like i'll have to now.... i have checked every auto parts store around here and i even went to the lesco dealer.. and he said that it wasnt showing up in the computer but he still went and looked through all the belts and we couldnt find one... eXmark is a great machine and all but its nothing with out the dealer and frnkly the dealer here sucks! im not the first one to be frustrated with him nor will i be the last.
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    Sorry to hear you’re having such a problem getting the belt. I’m going to assume this is a fairly isolated occurrence because otherwise we would probably be getting several calls from your region already. Please e-mail at with your dealer information and I'll see what I can do.

    Do you have the belt now?

    It doesn't surprise me that the auto parts store didn't have the belt. Chances are even if they had one it wouldn't last long if it's the belt I'm thinking of. Let me see.........would it be for a mule drive on a full size Lazer Z by chance.

    I'm still checking on the rollers and hope to have some information yet today. I do know we were out a short time back so I may need to shoulder the blame on that one.

    Let me know if you're up and running as well as forwarding me your dealer info and we'll try and find out what happened and why.



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