My Exmark experiences- not good

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by iski3d, Oct 18, 2002.

  1. iski3d

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    Hey guys. I have run Ferris walk behinds. AT th eend of last year I bought a 60" Lazer, 27 hp liquid cooled kawi, ultravac, pretty expensive. Well so far ive had belt pulleys snap, hydraulic lines blow, new seal kit in one hydro, and right now it is in for a complete new hydro (the other one.) Well the mower only has 340 hrs and maybe this isnt a lot of problems considering how hard they get worked but just my experience. Im bummed because of all the work I miss with it in the shop.:dizzy:
  2. Esby

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    Sorry to hear about the problems with your Exmark. I got a new Lazer HP 52" at the very end of 2001 and at 500hrs its still problem free.
  3. Green Pastures

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    Just goes to show, anybody can get a lemon now and then even for the "better" manufacturers out there.

    I have two Toro w/b's both with Kohler 15hp's on them. I was really surprised to hear the difference in the two motors running at the same time. They both run good, but the sound is completely different. Same year, same muffler, same gas, same oil and only about 30 hours different in time on each. Two totally different droning sounds as they're running. :rolleyes:

  4. ScotLawn

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    you have to remember that ALL equipment is man made and will have differant characteristics. Any manufact can have a problem machine. Parts produced by cheap labor and some with lower quality components. ALL manufactures do this or the companies that supply them there individual parts. what will set a manufacturer apart is there warranty and support that a dealer and manufacturer will give. I have yet to have to wait a long time for parts for my exmark. remember Exmark is a sponsor on this site. If need be they post there 800 number alot for support. THEY WILL BE HELPFULL if needed. Exmark will NOT leave you hanging.

  5. I agree with Scot completely on his post.
  6. SLS

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    Wow! All that at 340 hours??? I hate to hear it...but I think your machine is the 'exception' rather than the 'rule'.

    I bought a 2001 Lazer Z 60" w/23 hp Kawi (air cooled) and just hit 875 hours. I've replaced the mule drive belt already...but thats all. It still functions as well as the day I bought it...actually better, since I tweaked the deck adjustment after I got it home. :)

    Between Exmarks excellent warrenty, and hopefully a competent dealer, you'll get it straightened out quickly!
  7. dr grass

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    sorry about your luck iski. sounds like your mower was an "after lunch" job! the guys that built it may have toked a few or maybe hit the bar for lunch that day! lol. gotta try to find humor in every situation. good luck in the future with her.

    shep :(
  8. Scag48

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    Wow, that is really a bum deal. Sometimes you just get a lemon. For the most part, Exmark is one of the top brands and usually are trouble free. Sorry to hear about your predicament.
  9. TLS

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    Sorry to hear about your problems. Surely, you can tell that yours is certainly the exception. I have the exact same unit, and aside from improper rear tires, and a loose throttle lever, it hasn't been back to the shop once. I do have leaky radiator hoses, and from what I hear, I'm not alone on this. Check your hoses and let me know if their leaky. Exmark has a pretty trouble free hydro system, but as others have said, you get a bad one every now and then.
  10. Columbia Turf

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    WOW,Sounds like you do have the exception rather than the rule!!! I have the same machine, 2002 27HP 60" and since April, it has logged around 600 hours with no major problems. Also have the same unit with a 72 inch deck and it has logged around500 hours. Both of these machines have been pretty much trouble free. It seems our problems have all been operator induced. I have noticed on the 60" machine, the pumps sound like they "strain" more. It sounds like a high pitched whine when the levers are engaged.

    TLS, The throttle problem is an easy fix. There is a jamb nut on the lever that needs to be tightened. If memory serves correctly, it takes a 7/16 boxed end wrench. You have to access it with the seat up. we had the same problem. Kind of annoying!!

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