My experience With Matt @ Trailer Racks

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Knoxville, TN
I have mention of this in a few posts, but I didn't make a big fuss over it or start a new thread because it really wasn't going to make a difference. Long story short, 3 weeks ago my trailer was stolen from me with the 3 position Extreme Series trimmer rack. I ordered new equipment from Matt early last week. My credit card was declined because but entered the date in wrong on the website. Matt shoots me an email asking if I wanted to try a different card. We get on the phone and find the mis entered info, and Matt explains he will get my new gear out to me same day (Monday) and says it should arrive Thursday. Well, I get in from mowing yesterday afternoon and guess what is sitting on my porch. That's right, 3 position trimmer rack, blower rack, and 2 fastraps.

Just shooting a big thank you to Matt and the Greentouch gang for great customer service and quick shipping. Definitely a big help to me recovering from the theft.