My experience with the PERC propane funding

Discussion in 'Alternative Fuel Forum' started by White Oak, Feb 23, 2015.

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    i just wanted to write this, and explain my experience with the PERC program and the funding they are providing us in the landscaping industry. I was first introduced to the funding from an old friend who works in the landscaping department of a local college here in virginia. He was explaining the new propane powered mowers they had just purchased, and that they got a $20,000 grant towards the 10 mowers. I was shocked at first, thinking that it was because they were a large state owned college, how could a small landscaping company like mine receive the same benefits that the college did. After doing some research, i was hooked. used mowers can receive funding of $1000, which will cover 80% of the conversion cost. New mowers can receive $2000 towards the purchase price. Since buying new mowers was not in the budget this year, i opted for converting my existing mowers. I worked with a company here in virginia ( who sells and installs the certified systems. I had them convert 6 of my 20013 exmark lazer z's. the total price per conversion was $1200, but i only paid $1200 out of pocket, and received $6000 from the PERC funding. overall, the mowers are running alot better then on gas, and i save about $1 for every gallon i use. the funding is easy to apply for, but it does end soon. I suggest giving the company i used a call and they can fill you in on the details better than i can. in the end, i am projected to save over $6000 in fuel costs this year for only a $1200 investment:usflag: i would love to answer any questions you have to my best ability.
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    I just applied myself. I will post a follow up after. I think more people should look into this!
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    I have 2 propane machines and have received the incentives from perc. They are a great group to work with.
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    Since these mowers will be being transported all the time, is there any risk of explosion in the event of a motor vehicle collision? Have any studies been done on this?
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