My fall clean up rig

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Scotty, Nov 30, 2001.

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    Looks real nice! Are you going to letter up the truck and trailer? You gotta spend money to make money your set up is the way to go! You know a enclosed trailer can save you alot of cash in the long run which you probly aready figured out and looks much more proffesional!
  3. Scottty, TotalLawn, good looking setups there guys. Have either of you considered making your boxes taller to handle more leaves? Less trips to dump.
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    Nice looking rigs guys.

    I had a lock just like the one on your trailer until somebody took it off and stole my trailer. Saw it on tape and it didn't take them long at all. If you want something bigger and stronger BA Hitch and Trailer at 71st and garnett sells some great locks. It's what I use now and it would take a while to get it off. It looks like you keep it at your home, but you never know how far thieves will go.
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    I saw two setups today, both had the loader mounted to the truck's plow frame, discharge was solid fiberglas pipe over the cab into the front of the box. The pipe was notched at the loader to enable it to dump.
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    Countless trailers left for dead on the roadside huh? Hold on, I have to get my boots.:rolleyes:
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    They look really good. But, I wouldn't be the big mouthed Italian I am without a little constructive critisism (sp?). need to put the sides up a little higher on that rig when your working leaves. Less trips to dump, and the truck will handle it.

    Also, do you create a lot of dust with just that tarp on top? Think about making a roof with some screen or mesh in it.

    Brian..... Check out some of those underbody truck boxes like were suggested above. It will save you some space and some wind resistance too.......might even save a bit on gas!
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    I plan to get the underbody boxes eventually. I bought the truck in April and haven't had the time (or money) to get them on yet.

    Scottie (STS Lawn Care) If you want to post a pic use this one...


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