My fall clean up rig

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Scotty, Nov 30, 2001.

  1. AltaLawnCare

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    Very nice, I love seeing those 1-Ton trucks and big trailers!


    Nice looking Toros too!
  2. Scotty

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    Thanks guys for all the feedback, I'll try to answer some of the questions about my rig.

    Lawngodfather the tongue is 5' with a pintle hitch.

    Runner we run two 60" DC and one 36" hydro Bunton walk behind

    Precision LC the truck is a 1997 and the trailer is 2000 Wells Cargo. I've used a leaf loaders for 15 years, but my other setups were on open trailers. I evolved to this setup in 2000.

    Lawrence Stone I don't have exact numbers on tongue weight, but I do load both DC in rear of trailer to counter additional tongue weight. Plus leaf loader only used for one month.

    cclllc I use a Billy Goat leaf loader with a 18hp Vanguard engine, the intake hose is 10" dia. I had the base made to raise loader 6'' the base is bolted to the tongue and the loader is bolted to the base. When not in use I remove base and loader.

    Landscaper3 I have lettering on truck, I do not plan on lettering trailer
  3. Scotty

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    Guido, taller sides would be nice, but I was just trying to keep metal sides rather then having plywood running up higher and keeping it painted and storing all the wood. I can go from flatbed to clean up bed in a half hour, everything is bolted together. Returning back to flat bed is even quicker, 15 minutes. As far as using screening or mesh, I've tried both in the past and the biggest problem I had was the air could not vent quick enough. Using the tightly meshed tarp over the entire box seemed to work excellent for venting. With dry leaves, there is extremely fine leaf dust which gathers on the roof and hood of the truck which is easily blown off. I do need to lay a towel over the vents on the hood, just beneath the windshield, to block dust. Otherwise it clogs up heater core.
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    Just wanted to throw a picture of my rig in.

    super sucker.jpg
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    Before anyone comments, the vac has since been raised by a foot. It's attached to my plow a-frame by the same pins the plow attaches to. It can be raised and lowered with the plow hydraulics. 20hp kohler and the box has 21 cu.yd. capacity.
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    Now thats a leaf removal rig!

    Matt, beutiful setup man.
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    Nice looking set up!
  8. MOW ED

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    Now thats a rig!!

    Do you have adequate clearance going under the bridges?
  9. You can buy fresh air intake filters for Chevy trucks.

    Or what I do with my quasi-classic 1981 RWD Chrysler LeBaron (ice cold R-12 AC) is take out the intake grille of the cowling in late winter and cut to size a room conditioner filter material that mounts to the cowling with plastic wire ties.

    I HAVE to work out in all the dust and pollen all year so I at least get some filtered air while leaning and handling in my lead sled.

    Most of you folks who live out of the snow belt do not realize the amount of dirt=dust on the road in the early spring from the use of anti skid materials.
  10. As some of the unwashed in this forum my think I do have your best interest in mind.

    You have to have well over 500 lbs. dead hitch weight on that hook.

    The proper and safer set up would be a class lV frame hitch with the equalizing bars and sway control.

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