My Fees is they a good price?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by CJIII, Apr 12, 2002.

  1. CJIII

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    Hey this is what I am going to charge.

    Mowing $20 to $25, Weed Eating $5, Edgeing $5, and Shurb Trimming $10. Rake and Pruning is $15. are these good rates or do I need to charge on fate rate?
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    Welcome to Lawnsite. You'll find a lot of information, hours of reading, if you use the search function.

    What you'll discover is that pricing is relative to each company and each job. Your have your own costs of doing business which may make you more or less competitive than the next contractor for the same job.

    Each job is different. Your site conditions will vary from site to site, the customer's expectations and the scope of the job will vary.

    In summary - just throwing out prices and asking if their good or not makes for an impossible question for anyone to answer with any sort of meaningful answer.
  3. MuskTurfKing

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    You can't just throw out some numbers for a job, all jobs are different, say you get a call to mow a 3 acre property with 2 hours worth of string trimming? Can't just charge $30 for that. Figure out your production rates and costs, overhead, etc.. Go from there. And use that search.

  4. vipermanz

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    create an houly rate for yourself , it has it's advantages on complex jobs
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  6. Scraper

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    If you look at profile it explains everything. ;)
  7. The Lawn Choupique

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    In your area, which is probably not to different from anywhere in the South, just starting out as you are and at your stage of life a good route to take would be to: Keep your prices on the lower to medium range. For example if take you 45 minutes to do a job charge $25 if it takes an hour and a half charge $45. (If your area will support these) give your coustomers more than they expect and your business will grow. As your business grows slowly raise prices on new accounts while always giving the coustomer more than thay expect. In a few years if you keep your eye on ball no telling how much you will be making.
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    I am with you.

    Originally posted by landscraper

    If you look at profile it explains everything.

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