My Ferris cut quality?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ommegang, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. ommegang

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    I have a Ferris 2007 is1500z 52" 25HP Kawi. Cut quality seems lacking. Perhaps I mow to fast. I sharpen my blades often by grinding. Maybe gator blades? Do mower brands differ that much in cut quality? I know Ferris upgraded thier deck to an ICD deck. And at the Exmark dealer, he said I couldn't compare a Bobcat WB because thier not the same - then he gave me the Exmark line. This is the only ZTR that I have experience on. My 1998 Exmark WB seemed to cut better, I hate to admit. I sold it to look for a 36"WB
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    I have a 2000z and I have changed blades a few times. Brands that is.
    i take mine in and sharpen them and balance. I found gator work good but I still end up sharpening once a week. The gator have a harder metal and are a bit thinner than the stock that came with it originally. I still have to go slow when cutting some stuff but thats normal. I have run scags in the past and have found a better cut with them than my Ferris. I am looking to get out of my Ferris. I used a gravely pro stance and it had a better cut than the Ferris.
  3. ommegang

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    You want to change beacuse of cut? Mine only has 50 hrs. Cut is acceptable. I wouldn't mind trying something different too. But then I'd have to go to an Exmark. The Ferris ICD deck is supposed to be much better though.
  4. A-1 LAWN

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    my dealer told me to run factory blades with the icd deck.I have the snapper with the icd and leaves a nice finish cut.I run factory blades and balance them when sharpening

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