My Fert/Herbicide plan..Sound right??

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by CRQualityMowing, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. CRQualityMowing

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    Here is a fert and herbicide plan that I am putting together for next year. This is a one and a half acre property. I have never done a property of this size. Cool season grass like fescues and bluegrass. I know the ratios could change depending on the soil tests I take next year as well as the prices. This is just an estimation to put a bid in.

    App 1- Fert w/ crabgrass preventer 13-0-5 slow release 50% (4 bags $80)

    App 2- Fert 32-5-7 slow release 50% (4 bags $80)
    - 1 gallon of Q-4 post emergent herbicide, spot treatment ($120)

    App 3- Fert 32-5-7 slow release 50% (4 bags $80)

    App 4- Fert 32-5-7 slow release 50% (4 bags $80)
    - I may do another broadleaf control as cooler temps come and more moisture in the ground??

    My total bill for the year of the property is $1,040. Keep in mind that there is only one other commercial applicator in my area that I couldnt get ahold of for his prices other than trugreen of course. Does this sound about right? Thanks for any help in advance to those who comment. To those who make insulting comments go to hell :)
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    If you are licensed, and do not low ball against other members...I think you will need more of the crabgrass control, usually 4 pounds per thousand...and it is usually much more expensive than the plain fertilizer. Shop around and try to get a better deal on your summer fert prices. Also, you don't really need so much--probably 3 bags would be plenty.
    Weed control is also too much money. You should be able to apply your weed control for about 25 cents per thousand sqft (chemical cost, not labor). Only about a third of that cost, if you are spot spraying, (time-consuming, though). It is quicker to do a blanket three-way in spring. Omit Q-4.

    When moisture and rains occur in fall, do another blanket three way in October.
  3. CRQualityMowing

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    I am licensed and insured. I will definitely look into more crabgrass control. The only reason I wasn't going to apply at a higher rate was because the property was maintained for crabgrass and broadleaf all last year. I have had good results out of Q-4 and have always read good things about it. I guess the main reason I spot spray is because I only have a backpack sprayer as of now. I do agree it is time consuming. A

    As far as the price, do think it's about right for what I am wanting to do?
  4. Skipster

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    What do you care what he's charging for his service? If he can do a job for less money or if he's willing to make less money than you, why is it any of your business? Do you really think he needs to price his service so it's in line with your cost structure? Maybe he shouldn't use a different amount of TP than you when he poops, or he shouldn't eat a different amount of food than you do. How whiney can you get?

    Check out post #15 on the second page of this thread (MDturf, I think):

    He said it really well. We're all looking for the best price on our equipment and supplies and we tend to like the guys who give us a good deal. So, why not let CR decide what he wants to charge?!

    If his price does what he wants it to do, great! If you don't like his price and think it's too low, you can adjust your business to make those prices a reality, or you can justify to your customers why your higher price is better.

    Don't think that any new guy entering the biz owes you a price support. Who the he\\ are you to think you're so important that anyone needs to follow your pricing?!
  5. CRQualityMowing

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    Thanks for the compliments and kind words. I'm usually the one who is in an back and forth argument. That's why I put what I put at the ending of my posting.

    I felt pretty confident with my fert/herbicide plan and was kinda leery of putting it on here just because of the possibility of what could happen. I guess that I did ask others to evaluate. I just wanted good, honest and considerate opinions.

    I am going to stick with the plan that I have been using. I have good luck with it, but the q-4 works so good for spot treatment but does get expensive. Thanks again and anymore input would be great.
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    CHARLES CUE LawnSite Silver Member
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    I think your a little light on the pre but you don't state what kind of pre your using or the % of AI

    I don't agree with the q 4 for weed control early and late in the season. But a good choise in the summer months. IMO you will be doing at least 3 weed apps when there are weed out there they will what them sprayed.

    Seems like a good price

    Charles Cue
  7. nealster

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    Don't know if you have a helena dealer near you, but thay have fantastic prices on chemicals, fertilizers atc, and can help you creat a solid IPM program.
  8. ReddensLawnCare

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    You need to relax. He simply stated a generic idea of trying to stay in line with the market. He never said how much or how little to charge. In fact the only price he mentioned was about how much it would COST him to apply. I really see no point for your post. The op asked for opinions. He gave fantastic advice and suggestions. Your post was just critical of him and unwarranted
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  9. RigglePLC

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    How about clarifying this. Is the price mentioned the price you are charging the it the cost you are paying for your materials? To apply the minimum label rate of crabgrass control, I suspect you would need 5 bags of the 13-0-5 for the first round--maybe more--because, I am thinking it gets hot in Ohio.

    A full pound of nitrogen in rounds 2, 3 and 4 could cause very rapid growth if you have a hot rainy period. What kind of grass? Is it irrigated? Do you have fungus disease in your town? Do you have grubs?

    Winter annuals and perennials could be a problem late in the year, (and would persist until spring).
  10. Pythium

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    If the $80 is what you are charging them, I think you may be leaving money on the table. We charge between $135-$155 an acre depending on terrain and get a ton of work. A large operation in my area charges around the $145 acre as well. I have seen/bid against guys as low as $125/acre. Some numbers just to give you a starting point from a fellow buckeye.

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