My first attempt at a sprinkler install. It went wrong.

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by WHIPPLE5.7, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. WHIPPLE5.7

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    I get tired of always moving the water around at my own place so I went to Home Depot and got everything to do a homemade sprinkler kit. I got all done with it turned the water on to find I lack the water pressure to run it and I'm not even trying to run many heads at once(4). It just sits there and spouts very little. Everything on it the system is 1/2". I'm upset now because I made the investment apparently for nothing.
  2. shovelracer

    shovelracer LawnSite Silver Member
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    Im not a pro, but how did you set it up. Where do you get your supply from?
  3. grshppr

    grshppr LawnSite Senior Member
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    try some smaller nozzles ( less GPM ) the ones you have are propably too big
  4. pclawncare

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    i am not a pro but from what i know i think most people run 1in main and 3/4 arteries you may have the pressure but there may be too much restriction. Meaning you cant get enough gallons of water through a 1/2in line to run 4 heads especialy rotors. To me 1/2" sounds awful small
  5. WHIPPLE5.7

    WHIPPLE5.7 LawnSite Senior Member
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    That was my initial thaughts as well but the place had tons of 1/2" so it appeared it must be pretty common.
  6. JB1

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    say a little prayer and go to the irrigation thread topic.
  7. cgaengineer

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    1/2 has a lot of resistance...try upping your size of pipe or increasing your pressure with a booster pump...increasing the pipe size would be lots cheaper. We just did an install at my fathers house and didn't use anything less then 1.25.

    J.A.G LAWNCARE LawnSite Senior Member
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    maybe you have to much air in the line let it run ...
  9. Jason Rose

    Jason Rose LawnSite Fanatic
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    Well, assuming you can get 4 gpm out of the faucet minimum, if you were to put the smallest nozzle in the heads possible it could work. Reduce the volume of water needed with the small nozzles should allow the pressure to build up and will reduce the velocity the water is flowing thru the 1/2" pipe to an acceptable level.

    What brand of sprinklers did you use? I'm assuming they came with 1 nozzle installed, you may have to go back and buy the nozzles seperately (usually in a pack of 4 or 6 of various sizes). Sure would be worth a shot. If the smallest nozzles dosn't make them at least spray and rotate then you will have to go back to the drawing board totally.

    No, I'm no "professional" irrigator, but I dabble, lol.
  10. pclawncare

    pclawncare LawnSite Senior Member
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    It may be fairly common but is every person in Home Depot putting in a sprinkler system?

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