My first big job!! need help pricing!!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by arikthagr8, Jul 24, 2008.

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    Ok my first job with my new company is actually a decent size job. Before I was a foreman and never really had much exp. pricing. Any feedback will help. keep in mind I am working out of Texas.

    Ok.. I have 300 sq. ft. of flagstone to be laid on an existing paved walkway and 170 linear ft. of chopstone for bed edging that needs to be laid. also 850 sq ft of flower bed that will need to be tilled and top soil added along with cedar mulch and the addition of multiple flowers. i am also removing about 20 shrubs and hauling them off. what would be a good est. to charge for labor? thanks again for your advise.:waving:
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    Roughly whereabouts were you thinking?
    Double that.

    Then hope you're not way over :p
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    Seriously, you worked for someone else, who did all the bidding, securing the contracts, etc. You did all the labor, and you were good at it. So, you went on your own, without the knowledge that is most important. You need to go back to the person you worked for, and be a sponge, suck up all the knowledge that he possesses, material costs, labor hours, taxes, insurance, etc.

    Being a go-getter is all well and good. But, patience is what is needed. Learn all aspects of the business, before you venture out on your own.

    Without seeing the jobsite, no one could give you an intelligent estimate.
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    Start your estimate with something easy. Type your mulch area into a mulch calculator and see how much mulch you need. I usually charge 65 per yard of mulch plus delivery fee. Then see how much topsoil you need to get + delivery, and then try to estimate how long it takes for rototilling. The rest im not sure how to estimate.

    A good tip on estimating is to try and find a number that you can charge hourly while making a decent profit but still getting estimates. My hourly rate working solo is 40.00 per hour depending on what im doing. Usually I add a little bit incase I estimate to low.
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    i appreciate the help guys. I would have stayed with my old company but the owner had a bad gambling problem and is now in jail for some bad deals i guess. Anyways thanks again.

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