My first bigggg landscaping job

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by lawncare, Aug 10, 2003.

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    I have to plant 6 red sunset maple "2 1/2 - 3", 850 dwarf pfitzer juniper 3 gal, 88 natchez crape myrtle 8'ht, 88 fragant osmanthus 7 gal, 18 nuttall oak 2 1/2-3'', 5ac. +/- bermuda seed and pine straw mulch. Should i charge by the labor hr or not, should i ask for half down? materials alone so far is running about $23,000 here in bham someone redoing apartments and wants this in a whole new landscape i usually have 2 helpers should i get more. this would be a great boost in income considering things are about to slow up round here. any suggestion? :confused:
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    I would look into renting a dingo and then get the augur would make those holes a lot easier and u dont have to hire more help
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    Your probably going to need a bobcat as well.....i like the T200's with forks.
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    I do not want to burst your bubble..........however it does not sound like you are set up for this size of job. You need to ask your self what is going to happen when plants do not survive and the apartment complex ask about warranty. Also you need to ask them how they structure their contract for you? Is it a draw as you complete phases of the work? Doubt it will be 50% down, do they require you to post a performance bond ?
    I am not saying do not due the work, but you need to realize all your variables and then determine if you can perform to a level that they expect. IE getting in and getting the job done and coming back when plantings fail or the beds are not quite looking so great 3 months down the line, IE is this bed maintenance covered or is that a different contract. I wish you luck but take two breaths and sleep on this one before diving in head straight.
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    I would solve that problem by offering a warrenty (just mark up the plants accordingly) no big deal
    I would also look in to using a product called m-roots works really well.
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