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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by seb442, May 16, 2004.

  1. seb442

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    I have all but decided which ZTR to purchase. This will be my first. I think I will be going with a Ferris 3000. Probably will chose the Kohler 27 hp engine. I have learned a lot from reading posts on this web site the past 5 weeks. Thanks to everyone.

    I demo the Ferris (both the Kohler 27 and Kawasaki 25) - a Bad Boy and a Super Z yesterday. I really like the Super Z and I am sure it is a great mower but the Ferris did seem to be a lot smoother ride. The ride is very important to me. The past few weeks I have also looked at Snapper, Gravely, Kubota, Exmark, Dixie Chopper, Toro, and Cub Cadet.

    I was quoted 8,699 on the Ferris 3000 61" with 25 Kawasaki and 8,999 with the Kohler 27. I think each can be had for a 2-3 hundred less than the quote. Do these prices sound about right???

    I think when we try to chose which mower and engine brand to go with is is for the most part just a matter of opinion. Similar to which is best - Ford, Chevy, or Dodge. If we are looking at the top 6-8 companies which produce the ZTR's I think the bottom line is a personal preference on some of the different options available on different models and our own past history with brands. I don't think I could make a very bad decision choosing any of the last 4-5 mowers I was looking at. Down the road several years I doubt if I would know the difference, however I think the ride down the road will be a little smoother for me with the Ferris Independent Suspension. Also the 0% for 3 years which started 5-15-04 was a small factor. Feedback and Opinions are welcome. Send a PM if you would like. Thanks, Steve

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    hey steve, i hear the ferris w/IS tends to scalp uneven terrian w/a wide deck (60-72") did you find this to be true?

    i didn't get a chance to demo one, and some times wonder if i won't regret that down the road.

    i went w/ "02"--500hr.-used-( 1/2 price of new) 72" SUPER Z 25hp.-kaw.---AWESOME MACHINE---
  3. Canadian GreenScape

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    John Deere ZTR's out of the runnings? Theres alot of positive feedback on here for them..
  4. grass_cuttin_fool

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    I didnt see a scag mentioned either, sigh, joking ,maybe not a dealer in the area or a personal reason??
  5. seb442

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    I have seen a few post about the scalping also. I did not have that problem. The land I was on for the demo was fairly rough but not really uneven. The salesman said it would be less prone to scalp than other mowers. He showed me a rod type thing which runs from the front spring to the rear of the frame which does an instant adjustment as the shocks work to adjust for that.

    I agree the Super Z is an awesome grass mowing machine. I was leaning that direction but the Ferris is a smoother ride and the financing is better. I have heard June 1 Hustler will have new financing deal.

    Canadian GreenScape :

    I did look at the JD 757 but did not demo. Ran out of time that day.


    There is a dealer but have not made it there. I don't know about them and I do not see too many around the area. I know that does not mean anything but I have not took the time to look at them.
  6. JHE

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    Recent dealer quotes- without haggling:

    3000is 25 Kawasaki $8075
    3000is 27 Kohler $8150
  7. seb442

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    I took delivery of a new Ferris 3000 61" with Kolher 27 hp yesterday. Best I could do on price was $8,449. Mowed great. Rode even better. Only missed 3 blades of grass and that may have been driver error. The only bad thing I found during first use was that it cuts up the grass so fine the wind catches it sometimes and blows the grass back in my face-eyes. I guess it is human nature to be unhappy about something.:rolleyes:

    First time to mow with a ZTR and it took me between 1 3/4 and 2 hours to mow about 3 acres. Using a JD LT133 it would take between 4.5 and 5 hours to mow same amount. I LIKE IT.

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