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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by promower, Apr 21, 2005.

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    It wouldn't surprise these days, (with doctors) I amputated my left pinky finger half way up and sat in the er for hours and went from test to test. They gave me some test where I had to lay down on a table and do a scan of my whole body. ;) For a finger? I think they needed to make up for budget losses. :D But yeah I would ask for a doctors slip, make it a directive for new employees.
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    Yes, an ulcer can be cuased by Hpialoris virus or by other means they can test. I knowThey hurt like Hell because I have one. Does he have health insurance becuase the meds are exspensive.
    Buy a 5 gallon bucket of TUMS and leave them in the truck so you wont have to stop at the Gas station.You can even give to him as rewards for doing a good job. (just kidding) :)
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    I use to have an employee who always called in sick on friday lol I think one time on Monday he said he was going to be sick friday J/K He might as well said that
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    What I do is tell them I need to see a copy of the Dr's bill instead because Dr's notes are to easy to obtain and even if they have Ins they still get a copy of the invoice.

    Funny story, light years ago when I was in High School I dated a Dr's daughter. One day while at his office with her I "convinced" her to give me a pad of his "Dr's Work/school notes" with his named stamped on them. Then sold them out of my locker each day for $5 a piece.. :rolleyes: I guess I was bound way back then to be "self-employeed" :laugh:

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