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My First Exmark 48 Wb

Hey guys, got my first real piece of commercial equipment last thursday, and i must say, the mower blew the socks of me.. coming from a residential 21" snapper to a 48 Exmark Metro wb was a big jump..the mower is fantastic guys, I just have a few questions.. the thing nearly took me of my feet, I got the 15 hp Kohler metro, got it for $2627, you guys let me know if I got a good deal. In any event, how did you guys adjust to turning it, especially in between passes, I learn to control it pretty well in the first few trys, but i am still not fully used to it..i plan on getting the velkie in a few weeks. hopefully i will be able to adjust to it good too, i want to give a special thanks to all of you at lawnsite who helped me with my decision with the exmark. now owning one I can definetly see why all of you rank it so high. looking forward to everyone's tips..


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get junglewheels, and start flying, you will even be more surprised once you find that you can cut on 4th gear with jungle wheels with ease. Riding sulky is day and night with walking.