My first fall cleanup!

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    if you have make a plan to mow those size lawns as your regular lawn you never would have a 25000 trailer or rig in any case. I know guys here feel the bigger look means more money. it does not. If all I was going to mow was that size I would invest into a 30" ztr and a 7`x12`trailer and when time came I would buy another and another and when I grew to 3 mowers on that crew I would have about 9000 bucks in new equipment.
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    Having reliable trucks, clean and reliable equipment and a good image says it all.25,000 is a lot of money but for a full set up with all the equipment a business needs isnt that much. (2005 f-150=$10,000, 2008 36" eXmark viking mower= $2500, commercial trimmer and edger= $800, hedge trimmer $350, 10x5 trailer with racks= $2,000, backpack blower=$550, misc hand tools =$350-500, chain saw = $300-600, ect. ect. ect..... $17,000 dollars later you have a small set up. Not extravagant at all. Im sure you could go on craigslist and find some good used stuff but it all adds up. For the money that machines make, spending the money upfront pays its self 100 times or more in this industry especially if you get a good deal. Im not saying you need a big extravagant trailer set up for this lawn but your point isn't making any sense.

    Cheaper rig=higher price per lawn? huh

    The whole discussion here was that if a company with decent equipment came by and bid this, it would take them ten minutes to do and they would charge accordingly. Why would the home owner pay a kid with a 21" mower 30 dollars to mow just because that the only mower he has and it takes him longer. When i was little i had a 21" mower and im generally getting more for each lawn now with all bigger equipment for the same properties and its taking me 1/4 of the time. People dont pay for equipment, they pay for the job.

    If this^ is the case, im selling all my mowers, buying a 21" mower and charging triple what i charge my clients because it "takes me longer because i have a small mower"
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    Not to be a dick, but how big is CT and how big is MI?, i live in an extremely nice area. High end million dollar homes in every neighborhood sure there are slums but not were i do business and not close to where i live. I don't think i mow any house under 250k dollars. My most expensive lawn is $67 my cheapest is $18. Am i a lowballer? HELL NO. My area is saturated with lawn crews and i am usually a lot higher than most guys which pisses me off even more. I guess i am price observing more than arguing but property in my location is prime. I live and do business in the Birmingham, Bloomfield and Franklin area of Michigan. I live among Mike Illitch(red wings owner) Steve Yzerman was my neighbor, Chris Chelios lived about a mile from me. Teen MTV cribs was in Franklin at a house that is 4 houses away from a bunch of my accounts. It kills me to come on here, see this tiny lawn and then tell me people cut it for 40 dollars. How can you mow a lawn for 40 dollars that's going to take you 10 minutes to mow? So you potentially can make $240 dollars per hour mowing lawns? People are willing to pay that much?

    Sorry about hi jacking your thread and bickering and i have all the respect in the world for every self made business and landscape owner out there but it seems almost like a heist.

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    Really quick. 85 per hour is expensive? Try 110 per hour around me for mechanical work. Dealers want more too
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    My point was simply that the cost of living here is high as is the average income. You can't compare lawn pricing from one area to the next. I don't have any 10 minute $40 lawns, more like 20 minutes. I take my time and do a nice job. Often the time spent on the smaller lawns is disproportiate to their size due to having to maneuver in tight areas and the detail work involved. Plese understand that the cost of living here and the cost of doing business here is high, so the cost to cut a lawn is high. I'm not talking paticular towns or neighborhoods, I'm talking to live in this state it's expensive, period. $250k will get you a dumpy fixer uppper. This is a $250k house!!!


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    WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!! I am proven wrong. Thats a joke. 250k for that? Id rather live in a 50foot rv than that!!!!!! Or a 250,000 dollar boat!

    Here is a 250,000 dollar house about 2 miles outside of birmingham. And here are the million dollar homes that i cut.

    The large home just sold for 1.1 million last year. The new owners are paying 415 per month (12 months per year) For full maintenance, weeding twice per month, mulch 2x, pruning 3x, mowing 28x, bed edging 3x, snow plowing season, fall and spring clean ups(fall clean ups every other week from October 1st until it snows.


    Screen shot 2011-09-30 at 10.25.21 AM.png
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    Did you notice that the property tax on that place is $3,300/year. I pay over $7k per year in property tax. Here's a $1M home, granted it's on the water in a private neighborhood (no gate) but only 2 bedrooms. Taxes just short of $19k per year.

    Well I better get out mowing and get my $1k for the day, lol. Yes, I'm exaggerating.

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    OP, no mulch kit? Huge waste to bag and haul that. Looks good though.

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