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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kory landscaping, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. kory landscaping

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    i received a call from a disable women wanting spring cleanup today, i went over to check what she needed done. when i looked at her yard it looked like a tornado hit it. i asked her when the last time it was cleanup. she told me last fall she had the neighbor's kids clean it. i walked around trying to avoid all the dog $hit. I told her it would cost her 250.00 to clean everything.
    she said you must be kidding me, the neighbors kids did it for 12.00 last fall. i laughed so hard i was rounding on the ground. All you landscape guys charge too much.. I was going to explain why we charge what we do, but i thought it would go into one ear--- out the other... she said it's just raking leaves. I told her run to the neigbors kids before they raise there prices. and make sure they done get hurt on her property.

    a new father of a baby walker mower today.. his name is "the bus"..

    kory landscaping:laugh: :laugh:
  2. promower

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    I just dont understand peoples reasoning when this happens. If the neighbors did it for $12 and she liked the work why doesnt she have them do it again??? I cant believe people think professionals, people who do this as a career are going to come spend 3-5 hours on their property for $12. Yep I just spent 40,000 on equipment to come rake your yard for half the money the money I could make flipping burgers, c'mon some people just dont get it.
  3. Tonyr

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    Yep, I get this nonsense often, makes my blood boil, I see these morons as just being insulting, expecting business people to do their chores for them for the same money as untrained, uninsured, illequiped neighbours kids. I don't get spring cleanups here, but on general mowing quotes they say, "it's only mowing!" etc, etc....but if it was so easy why don't these nutters mow their own bloody lawns? They call because the neighbour kid wised up to how cheap slogging their guts out was, or grew up....these seekers of el cheapo services always run out of ultra cheap labour one day, I some times ask beack whether they would do what I do for a living and then ask if they can see why fees are as they are....some actually realise, some even hire me!

    Some are just plain bloody rude though, and big time wasters...but they think they will always get cheaper, the aussie ecconomy is full of these types, no contracts here, contractors do a lot of one offs here, every week I get calls from bargain hunters, many weeks the same callers even!

    Sorry for the long ramble, sensitive subject! ha.ha.
  4. grass_cuttin_fool

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    I dont think a scrub would work that cheap lol
  5. Tonyr

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    ha, ha, yeah, good point!

    and kids nowaday are too smart, I would hope!

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